Qinghai Lake is a recommended driving and entertainment destination that follows the natural terrain along its circumference

"The most famous scenery in Qinghai is the boundless green mountains and blue waters, and rapeseed fields. After passing through the mountain pass and mountain roads, you can explore the beauty of a remote paradise by the Qinghai Lake. Car enthusiasts who are fond of Qinghai's scenery must not miss it!"

Xining has a gentle terrain with clear main roads, making it easy for self-driving. For sightseeing in the city, you can start with the Qinghai Provincial Museum. It is the first modern comprehensive museum in Qinghai, featuring Neolithic colored pottery and ethnic religious artifacts. It houses national first-class cultural relics such as a gilded bronze Avalokitesvara statue and a pottery basin with dance patterns, which are worth appreciating to experience the folk customs of Qinghai.

Xining Dongguan Mosque

It takes 12 minutes by car from the Qinghai Provincial Museum to the Dongguan Mosque. It is one of the major bases of Islam in China and is known as one of the four major mosques in Northwest China along with the Lanzhou Qiaomen Mosque, the Huajue Temple in Xi'an, and the Adilkar Mosque in Xinjiang. The temple gate is flanked by pavilions, minarets, and a main hall with a dome, combining the architectural features of both Chinese and Islamic traditions. This unique style is unparalleled in China and even worldwide, making it truly impressive.

Daban Mountain viewpoint

Daban Mountain is a transportation hub from Qinghai to Gansu. Although it is not towering in the mountainous Qinghai Plateau, the wide scenery of the valley on both sides of the mountain top makes it highly sought after. From here, you can enjoy the infinite green mountains and endless blue sky, admire the rapeseed fields of Menyuan Flower Sea, and in autumn and winter, there are silver-clad mountains. Different seasons present different landscapes.
After crossing the Daban Mountain and continuing north along the West Zhang line for 40 minutes, you will reach Menyuan Flower Sea. The flower sea is filled with 500,000 mu of rapeseed flowers, with golden blooms stretching to the distant mountains, blending with the blue sky and mountains, making it an excellent place for photography. Located in the Menyuan Valley, the flower sea is surrounded by the Qilian Mountains and Daban Mountain, forming a "golden basin," like two golden ribbons adorning the vast highland sky.

Xianmulin Farm

Xianmi Forest Farm is the largest forest area in Qinghai, with vast grasslands and tranquil scenery with rivers flowing through. The mountains and forests are visible, providing a refreshing and pleasant experience. Bring food and tents for a camping trip to deeply immerse yourself in the serenity and mystery of the wilderness.

Mount Zhuo'er Scenic Area

"Arriving in Qilian County, it only takes a 10-minute drive from the county center to reach the Dazhuoer Mountain Scenic Area, which is known as the 'Eastern Switzerland'. The mountain scenery is lush and green, adorned with patchwork flower fields and grasslands, with the majestic Qilian Mountains in the distance. From the mountainside, you can look up to the layered and intertwined landscapes of the red cliffs and emerald green grasslands, presenting a beautiful and magnificent view. Upon reaching the summit, the forests, flower fields, and village outlines on both sides of the mountain are distinct, offering an extremely wide panoramic view, making it perfect for sketching and photography."
Farewell to Zhuo Er Mountain, drive east on S302 Provincial Road for 1.5 hours to reach the Qilian Mountain Grassland. Here, there is a vast expanse of green with leisurely cattle and sheep, resembling the picturesque pastoral scenery described in textbooks. If interested, you can experience the joy of horseback riding on the grassland.