Inventory of Qinghai Tibetan-style Inn

Those inns and ancient houses all have their own unique features. The author will list for everyone the Tibetan-style inns in Qinghai, so that everyone can have some reference.

Youth Hostel Under the Snow Camel Bell

High cost performance, good stay experience, clean and hygienic room washing area.

Xihai Youth Donkey Inn

Unique Tibetan-style inn in the city center, decorated with simplicity, elegant environment.

Xining Snow God Palace Hidden House Inn

Address: No.21 Dong La Lane, Forest Police Station, Lushar Town. The inn is well located with parking available. The staff provided thorough disinfection of the rooms and replaced the bedding, which is greatly appreciated during this epidemic period. The rooms are clean and smell-free. The food is delicious and lightly seasoned. The owner and staff are very friendly and helpful in carrying luggage.
There are guitars and foot pianos in the hostel, which is decorated with great character. There are also record players and vintage cameras, which are very stylish. It's also close to the train station and can be reached by walking.

Youth Hostel Sangzhuzi

Address: The hostel adopts sustainable low-carbon design, which is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.