Exploring authentic cuisine in Wuwei

The food culture of Wuwei is inclusive and blends northern and southern flavors together. Its flavored food has a long history, is finely made, and comes in a wide variety, like a beautiful woman that is both pleasing to the eye and affordable.

Wuwei Night Market

Wuwei night market, cultural scenery, fragrant Wu wine, Hanwu military achievements, long history, Hexi Corridor, Guluang Xiachang, desert oasis, East has Haicang, West has Leitai, middle is Liangzhou, hometown of melons and fruits, you come from all over the world, guests are like flowing water!

Qiu Jiaxing Noodles Main Store

Xingmian, also known as Xingmian noodles, is a local dish consisting of braised noodles with pork elbow, carrots, wood ear mushrooms, spinach, and other vegetables. Locals prefer to add chili peppers when eating, but it is not spicy. Fu tea is the best beverage to pair with the noodles. The average price for a bowl of noodles is around 10 yuan per person.


Affordable price, good taste, high cost performance local restaurant.

Tianma Hotel Chinese Restaurant

There are various Gansu dishes for tasting, a wide variety worth trying.

Ricky BBQ

When I was on a business trip in Wuwei, my friend treated me to dinner here. The environment is good, and the restaurant is quite large, with a variety of private rooms to choose from. The main dishes are hotpot, barbecue, and grilling.