Qinghai popular shopping destinations, not afraid of not being able to buy souvenirs

If you want to buy souvenirs while shopping in Qinghai, you can also find them in Xining and don't need to go to other places specifically. Here, we mainly introduce shopping locations in Xining.

Water Well Lane Market

Known as the liveliest Shuijing Lane in Xining, it is divided into three distinct areas: Snack Street, Specialty Street, and Tibetan Decorations Street. You can directly go to the shop you want to buy from. The saffron shop sells various accessories like jewelry and shawls, while the Specialty Street mainly wholesales saffron, goji berries, and cordyceps. The goods here are diverse, so I recommend everyone to take a look. However, the quality of some products is uneven, and it is difficult to distinguish between Qing Song (a type of mushroom) and cordyceps. If you are not familiar with them, I do not recommend buying them on your own.

Wangfujing Department Store

Wangfujing in Beijing has opened a branch in Xining, located in the bustling downtown area of Xining. It is considered the largest department store in the local area. The mall has two branches, A and B, where both domestic and international high-end and popular brands are available. The basement of B branch is Wangfujing Supermarket, where you can buy specialties from Northwest China such as goji berries, yak meat, and roasted barley.

Limen Commercial Alley

Every city has a commercial pedestrian street, and Xi'ning Liming Commercial Street is a favorite place for local people to visit. In addition to large commercial complexes such as Guofang Department Store, Textile Department Store Building, Xinhua Department Store, and LoShang Urban Square, there are also many specialty shops, restaurants, and bars. When you get tired of walking, you can choose a place you like to sit and rest, and recharge.

Guofang Department Store

A large department store on Lomen Commercial Lane, with a wide variety of domestic and international first and second-tier brand clothing, providing many choices. There are many restaurants nearby where you can rest if you're tired of shopping.

Department store for textiles

Xining is an old-fashioned shopping mall with a spacious and comfortable environment. The main products are mainly branded clothing, and there are frequent activities with relatively affordable prices. The first floor is a supermarket where you can choose some special products from Qinghai to take home. Nearby is the Liment Commercial Alley pedestrian street, where there are many different styles of restaurants, bars, and cafes, making it convenient for dining.