Taste of the Northwest on the Tip of the Tongue | Take you to savor deliciousness

Noodles are the earliest and most common staple food in our country. Due to the climate in the northwest region, vegetables are scarce, so local people often prefer coarse grains. There are many ways to make noodles, such as Inner Mongolia's hand-pulled noodles, beef noodles with sheep intestines, Dunhuang soup noodles, sour noodles, and Jinyang fish roe noodles. As long as there is a place to eat, you can find these noodles. In today's information age, noodles are widely available, but it's important to know where they are most authentic and delicious.

Ma Zhong Restaurant

Gamo noodles, also known as noodle pieces, are one of the most popular and well-loved pasta dishes in Qinghai province. They can be made without tools. Typically, the noodles are first crushed or cut into small pieces, and then cut into short strips before they are cooked. In the pot, the corresponding vegetables and meat are cooked, and then the short strips of pasta are pressed open and stretched by hand, with one hand holding the noodles and the other pinching them into square pieces and placing them in the pot. Depending on the shape, ingredients, and cooking methods of Gamo noodles, there are different variations such as delicately made "nail-shaped noodles" and "sparrow's tongue" noodles, "mushroom noodles" cooked with mushrooms, and "stir-fried noodles" without soup but tossed with fried sauce. In the Halal pasta of the Hui people, there are also "stir-fried noodles" mixed with beef, mutton, vermicelli, and chili. In rural areas, people often eat "vegetable and noodle" pieces. Generally, a portion of noodle pieces costs around 12 yuan, which is definitely enough to eat.

Gajinwa (a place name)+Yangchang Noodles and Hand-pulled Noodles Boutique Store

In Xining, the capital of Qinghai Province, Yangchun noodles are a common local snack. It costs about 11 yuan per serving, and the main ingredient is lamb intestines, served with hot soup and sliced noodles. The lamb intestines are divided into meat-filled and dough-filled varieties. Some places also use a frying pan to fry tender lamb legs, creating a delicious combination of color, fragrance, and taste. When eating, start by drinking a sip of hot lamb intestine soup, then cut the dough into small pieces and eat it with a bowl of soup poured on top. The lamb intestine noodle soup has a light yellow color, clean intestine segments, and white fat intestines. The noodles are golden, with green onion floating on top, while the diced radishes sink in the bowl. The thin and crispy intestine fillings and the long and refreshing noodles make it a delicious and affordable snack for both summer and winter.

Dongfang Palace Lanzhou beef noodle

Beef Brisket, also known as Beef Noodle Soup. Beef Noodle Soup originated in the Guangxu period and was created by the Hui elder Ma Baozi. It has been famous for nearly a century, with its tender meat soup and exquisite noodles renowned both at home and abroad. It embodies the wisdom and efforts of Ma Baozi and countless chefs specializing in clear soup beef noodle soup. Its characteristics are "one clear (soup), two white (radish), three green (coriander and garlic sprouts), four red (chili), five yellow (noodles)" etc. In the morning, a bowl of beef noodle soup, with its fragrant smell, surpasses mainland-style noodles.

Shun Zhang (a name) donkey meat yellow noodles

Address: Building 1, Binhe Century Garden, Jinshan Road, Dunhuang City. In Dunhuang, there is a saying about food: "Dragon meat in the sky, donkey meat on the ground." In other words, the best food in Dunhuang, located on the edge of the desert, is donkey meat. "Donkey Meat Yellow Noodles," as the name suggests, is actually two dishes: donkey meat as a dish, and handmade yellow noodles as the main course. This is a long-standing way of eating in Dunhuang. People who have been to Dunhuang and those who live in Dunhuang often see many Donkey Meat Yellow Noodles restaurants along the road. The authentic Shun Zhang Donkey Meat Yellow Noodles restaurant is well-known among the people of Dunhuang. (There is also another restaurant, Da Ji Donkey Meat Yellow Noodles, which is a disciple of Shun Zhang and of course, the master makes it well.) Donkey Meat Yellow Noodles is a famous dish in Dunhuang, known as a unique delicacy of China. Donkey meat costs 80 yuan per kilogram. Generally, 3 liang is enough for 1-2 people to consume. Yellow noodles cost 14 yuan per portion.

Xiao Ling Sour Noodles

Dunhuang Sausage Noodles is a traditional handmade wheat noodle product, priced at 10 yuan for a large portion and 9 yuan for a small portion. The noodles are thin and even, resembling leek leaves, and the delicious taste of the soup can quickly satisfy hunger and fatigue. The most important part of Sausage Noodles is the sausage soup, which is the soul of Sausage Noodles. There are night markets everywhere in Dunhuang that sell Sausage Noodles, but the most authentic one is Xiao Ling Sausage Noodles. The noodles are handmade and the sausage soup is delicious, making it the staple food for Dunhuang locals during festivals and when entertaining guests.

Gongji's homemade stir-fried noodles

Address: North end of Xiaobei Street, Shazhou Town, Dunhuang City. To make the starch soup, add celery or arrowhead leaves and lotus leaves to the noodle soup, then add starch water starter, heat it in a pot for three days, and you will get a clear, sour, and delicious starch. It contains various beneficial enzymes, which can cool down the heat, improve appetite, and is a great dish for the summer. Soak the noodles in cold water, pour in the starch soup, add stir-fried scallions, and then pour the starch noodles on top. Eating it during the scorching summer can not only relieve fatigue and restore energy, but also has certain therapeutic effects on high blood pressure and gastrointestinal discomfort.