Good places to visit around Xining, 6 popular scenic spots for taking photos

Many travelers who visit Qinghai will arrive in Xining one day or half a day in advance because Qinghai is located inland. How to spend this precious time in Xining or its surrounding areas becomes a headache for many people. If you ask the hotel front desk, they may not be able to give you a satisfactory answer. Leave this professional matter to me, I will tell you.

There is too much information about Tashilhunpo Monastery, I will just tell you the best way to visit it. After entering the ticket entrance, first visit the Bābǎo Rúyì Tower, then the inner court. I suggest not taking the main road, instead take the side path to the Panchen Lama's Palace, go against the flow, and then return to the main road. This way, you can avoid crowds and see the panoramic view first. If you have enough time, you can explore freely.

Qinghai Lake

No need for me to say more, the beauty of Qinghai Lake has captivated many. Especially in summer, the golden rapeseed flowers on the shore, along with the azure lake, blue sky, and white clouds, create a captivating natural landscape. The rapeseed flowers by Qinghai Lake start blooming at the end of June, reach their peak in July, wither in August, and are partially planted by herders in September and October, with sporadic embellishments.

Jinshitan Grassland

It's very close to Xining here, with herds of cattle and sheep in summer. Shepherds ride horses to graze on the vast grasslands, and the wildflowers are everywhere. The scenery is particularly beautiful.

Atomic City

Just beside the Golden Beach Grassland, it is the starting point of the Qinghai Lake Cycling Race. In summer, there are bicycles everywhere in the surrounding area.

Guide National Geological Park

Guided by natural landscapes and geological remains, the Guid

Assisting Tu Nationality's Homeland Tourism Area

The Tu ethnic group is a unique minority in Qinghai. They showcase the primitive way of life of the Tu people in the cultural park, allowing visitors to have a deeper understanding of Tu culture. In addition, Huzhu County is a large production base for Qinghai barley wine and offers free tours. The Lianmi National Forest Park is an important forest farm in Huzhu County and a famous health resort. After visiting the cultural park, visitors can go to the forest farm, which is approximately 80 kilometers away.