How to have fun in Xining? Detailed hotel recommendations for accommodation

When traveling to a city, everyone tends to pay more attention to accommodation and food. Good food and interesting places to visit are important, but personally, I believe that getting good rest will give us more energy to enjoy the scenery and try delicious food. In recent years, the tourism boom has also brought a lot of "international flavor" to Xining, with numerous hotels, hostels, and homestays popping up, making it difficult to choose. However, as Xining locals, I would like to recommend a few accommodations within the city center that are conveniently located and provide good value for money.

Summer Beauty Hotel

72 Route 62, affordable price, convenient transportation.

Vienna Hotel

56 Delingha Road, there is a chain store in the city center and another one in the west district. Clean and comfortable with good service.

Lifeng Hotel · Xining Railway Station New Qian Wangfujing Square Branch

68 Jianguo Street, very close to the train station, located near Xin Qian Shopping Center, convenient for eating, living, and transportation.

Jinjiang Inn

Nearby there are Mo Family Street Food Street and Wenchang Temple Street Bar Street, suitable for young people and offer excellent value for money.

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Wangfu Building B, a high-end hotel, is a good choice with its unique architectural style and excellent service, despite being located in a bustling city.

Xi Ning Xi Yu Hotel

Located in Li Meng Pedestrian Street, a mid to high-end hotel with reasonable prices. It is a new store opened in 2018, clean and hygienic, and provides good service.

Bawei Hotel

It belongs to a high-end hotel, but the price is very affordable. The rooms are spacious and quiet.