The glaciers and hot springs of Hailuogou are hidden in the pristine forests of Gongga

3 cities | 6 attraction(s) | total distance 622 km
When it comes to the fjords, icefalls, pine forests, hot springs, and more in Frozen, people often unconsciously think of the Nordic countries. But are they really the only fairy-tale-like places, so far away from us? In fact, without much effort, there is a hidden paradise in western Sichuan that possesses such wonders. The pine forests of Mount Gongga in the Tibetan region and the glaciers and hot springs of Haizi Gou are enough to make you linger and never want to leave.

Day1: CHENGDU > Garze

2 attraction(s) · 322 km
Gongga Shen Tang Hot Spring in the Snowy Mountain is said to have been frequented by the ancient Chinese military strategist Zhuge Liang during his expedition to the west. While passing through Gongga Mountain, he was plagued by miasma and his troops were exhausted. With the help of a local wise man, he found a divine spring in a hot spring pool where he soaked and rested, regaining his strength and finally defeating the enemy. Zhuge Liang praised, "Heaven has helped me, truly this is a divine soup!"

Day2: Garze > Aba

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Glacier Tour Route: To visit the glacier, you need to leave the second camp and reach the third camp at an altitude of 2,940 meters through the only ancient ice moraine lake in Hailuogou, Shui Haizi. The third camp is the endpoint of the scenic sightseeing car, and the glacier is about 3 kilometers away from the sightseeing car station at the third camp, taking more than 2.5 hours round-trip. This is the perfect location to appreciate the "Sunshine Golden Mountain", one of the five wonders of Hailuogou. In spring and summer around 6:40, and in autumn and winter around 7:20, when the weather is clear, the sunrise shines on the white snowy peaks over 6300 meters above sea level, such as the south peaks of Mount Gongga, Jinyin Mountain, the unnamed peak, reflecting a golden radiance, which is magnificent. Continuing upward from the third camp, you can gradually see the whole glacier and the main peak of Mount Gongga over 7000 meters above sea level from the big glacier tongue and the big ice waterfall, and reach the fourth camp. You need to take the cable car across the ice waterfall or pass through the black pine forest on the dry river embankment trail next to the third camp to reach the glacier viewing platform. The fourth camp is the endpoint of the newly built Hailuogou glacier cable car, where you can get the best view of the magnificent glacier and towering snow mountains.
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Day3: Garze > CHENGDU

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