Qinghai Lake Loop Drive Fun Spots Recommendation (2)

The Qinghai-Tibet Line, reaching Qilian County, passes through the rolling Qilian Mountains, as well as the Dashan Pass and the Buha River, Erlang Cave. They are all must-not-miss attractions.

Da Dongshu Mountain Pass

Da Dongshu Mountain Pass is at an altitude of 4120 meters, with endless high mountain meadows on both sides, and a winding road weaving through the mountains. Distant peaks are obscured by clouds and mist, indicating a mystical forest ahead. There is an observation platform here where you can get off the car to admire the scenery and take a photo with the 4120-meter altitude sign.

Buhai River

Before reaching Tianjun, you can visit the prelude to Qinghai Lake in the southeast of Tianjun - Buha River. After entering the 315 National Road, you can directly drive off the highway and enter the Buha River. "Buha River is the largest river in the Qinghai Lake basin and symbolizes the wild buffalo in Mongolian culture. The flowing river passes through mountains and grasslands, continuously pouring into Qinghai Lake."

ErLiang Dong

Arriving in Tianjun County, take a short break and it takes 35 minutes to reach Erlangdong Scenic Area in the southwest direction. This place is built by local Tibetans to commemorate the Tibetan legendary hero King Gesar. After passing through the gate, you can see the Xiwangmu Temple and the statue of Erlang Shen, and you are free to visit inside the temple.
Before setting off to Qinghai Lake, you might as well take G315 National Road and Cha De Expressway to visit the Chaka Salt Lake Scenic Area. As a popular new tourist attraction, on clear days, the lake surface can reflect the sky and visitors, earning it the reputation as the "Mirror of the Sky" along with Bolivia's Uyuni Salt Flat. Nestled between the Wanyan Tongbu Mountain and Wanggashixiu Mountain, the salt lake showcases a unique plateau scenery where snow-capped mountains are reflected on the lake surface, creating a magnificent view where the water and sky meet. Exploring deep into the salt lake and taking a selfie in the boundless surroundings of water and sky is an unmissable experience. Taking a ride on the park's small train to the center of the lake also allows you to enjoy the panoramic view of the salt lake scenic area.

Qinghai Lake

Qinghai Lake, also known as "Cuo Wen Bu", is the largest saltwater lake and inland lake in China. It is formed by the fault subsidence between Datong Mountain, Riyue Mountain, and the southern mountains of Qinghai. Surrounded by mountains, it offers breathtaking views. Throughout history, it has been regarded as a sacred lake by kings and has experienced important historical events such as the Tang-Tubo alliance, warfare, and trade. A grand ritual ceremony is held on the 18th day of the seventh lunar month every year.

Er'langjian Scenic Area of Qinghai Lake

"The boardwalk extends into the lake from the scenic area, allowing visitors to have a close contact with Qinghai Lake and embrace this gift of blue from the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau." "Continuing east, after 21 kilometers, turn onto the northbound Huanhu East Road and arrive at Sand Island in 30 minutes." "Unlike the previous two attractions, the lakeside here presents a sandy beach appearance, with the surface covered in gravel, becoming a breeding ground for local fish and seagulls." "In addition to the water activities of Erlangjian, you can also enjoy sand sliding, driving beach motorcycles, and jeep surfing here." "If you're lucky, you may even witness a traditional Tibetan wedding ceremony held by the local Tibetan people."