Amazing! It was praised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs! Challenging Tibet, comparable to Xinjiang, but often overlooked

I'll show you a stunning place. It is a province with the lowest presence in the western region, overshadowed by popular destinations such as Xinjiang and Tibet. Little do people know that it hides many unknown wonders, with forests and lakes rivaling Switzerland, temple culture surpassing even Tibet, and a heavenly landscape comparable to Bolivia. This low-key, beautiful province is Qinghai. In November last year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs promoted Qinghai globally, allowing people from all over the world to see this pearl of the west.

Qinghai Lake

The period from July to August is the most beautiful time of Qinghai Lake. The blooming canola fields, the turquoise lake, and the grazing yaks everywhere are all so mesmerizing. In addition to the canola flowers, there are also visible cows and sheep, as well as colorful wild flowers, embellishing the entire lake. Horseback riding, cycling around the lake, and walking along the lakeshore are all highly desirable activities.
You don't need to go to Bolivia, there is a similar "Sky Mirror" in China. During the peak of summer, Chaka Salt Lake is incredibly beautiful and will leave you awestruck. When the weather is good, you can see the reflection of the sky on the lake, creating a dreamlike and enchanting scene. It feels like walking amidst the colorful clouds, truly magical. It is recommended to wear dark-colored dresses to take photos with a fairy-like aura, as no matter how you pose, it will look amazing! You can also take a small train on the salt lake and enjoy the mesmerizing and dreamy scenery, embracing the beauty of the lake and mountains.
If you think Qinghai Lake is too popular, then why not take a look at this emerald lake in the mountains, little-known but still preserving its original beauty. Due to different concentrations of minerals, the lake water presents different colors such as deep green, emerald green, yellow, and blue, forming beautiful paintings. Walking into the lake, you can feel the sensation of being surrounded by blue skies, white clouds, snowy peaks, and the dreamy and colorful lake water. This scene is truly unforgettable.

Chaka Salt Lake

The Chaka Salt Lake is very low-key and overshadowed by the nearby Chaka Salt Lake. It is the largest sky landscape in China, about 56 times the size of Chaka Salt Lake, and much quieter. There are few people here, no green grass or living creatures, but there are crystal-like salt flowers, which decorate the salt lake like a fairyland, very romantic. When you come to Chaka, you can drive there and experience its magnificent salt bridges, with thick layers of salt all the way, which amazes countless visitors!

Canberra National Forest Park

Kangba is known as the most precious gem in Qinghai. With its few people and breathtaking scenery, it combines landscapes such as Red Rock, mountains, peaks, cliffs, temples, and the Yellow River. It forms a landscape of blue waters and red mountains that leaves visitors in awe. Here, you can experience the fairyland of Yaochi and hike to the highest point to enjoy the magnificent rock formations and the beauty of the lake and mountains. No need for filters, just raise your camera and you'll capture nothing but scenery!

Zhuo'er Mountain Scenic Area

Zhuo'er Mountain and Niuxin Mountain are the guardians of the Qilian Mountains, protecting the mountains and waters of Qilian. Standing on the summit, you can enjoy the blue sky of Zhuo'er Mountain and the glaciers of Niuxin Mountain. When you reach the summit, you will be amazed by the stunning scenery of these two mountains, with stretches of mountain ranges, white snow peaks, lush forests, red Danxia landforms, and rugged strange rocks. It is no wonder that it is known as the "Switzerland of the East" by the locals.

Kunlun Mountains

Kunlun Mountain is the first sacred mountain in China, spanning Xinjiang and Qinghai. It has always been mysterious and fascinating. Only by seeing it with one's own eyes can one feel the magnificent shock of the snow-capped mountains. On both sides of the Kunlun Mountain Pass, there are the Yuxu Peak and Yuxian Peak, both of which have an altitude of over 6000 meters. They are covered in snow all year round, surrounded by clouds and mist, forming the famous Kunlun June Snow phenomenon.

Animaqing Snow Mountain

Anima is the largest national geological park in China in terms of glacier area. Its main peak is Maqinggang. The closer you get, the more you can feel the shock of the snow-capped mountains. In front of the glacier are rows and rows of prayer flags, embellishing the entire icy wonderland, immersing people in it. It is a famous sacred mountain on the snowy plateau, revered by the Tibetan people as one of the nine great gods who created the world. It emits a mysterious and unconquerable temperament, attracting countless visitors to come and worship devoutly.

Qinghai Kekexili National Nature Reserve

Kekexili is one of the largest unpopulated areas in China, known as the "forbidden zone of life". Here, you can see vast deserts, grasslands, numerous lakes, and rare animals such as Tibetan antelopes, wild yaks, and eagles. The scenic beauty is overwhelming, offering surprises every minute. You can climb to the snow mountain observatory and enjoy the breathtaking view of this mysterious and vast land! The blue sky, white clouds, and snow create a magnificent wilderness painting that is unmatched anywhere else.

Mengyuan canola flower sea

Every mid-July, the 500,000 mu of rapeseed flowers in Menyuan will bloom together, with a magnificent momentum. It stretches for hundreds of kilometers, with the Qilian Mountains to the north, Yong'an City to the west, Yulong Beach to the east, and the Daban Mountains to the south, resembling a golden sea. The golden flower sea extends as far as the eye can see, set against the blue sky and snow-capped mountains, shining in harmony with the distant mountains and nearby rivers, and the villages and houses. It is as beautiful as an oil painting presented in front of your eyes, capturing a breathtaking scene with just a click of the shutter!
Qilian Mountain grassland is one of the six most beautiful grasslands in China, as rated by "China National Geographic." In summer, the grassland is lush and abundant, with cattle and sheep grazing in the wind-blown grass. In winter, it transforms into a snowy wonderland, with a pristine white cover like Snow White. Here, you can run and gallop freely on the grassland, experiencing the summer breeze. In the evening, you can also enjoy the enchanting sunset, feeling truly blessed!
Taer Temple is one of the famous Gelugpa sects of Tibetan Buddhism in China, with a history of over 600 years. It is built on a mountain and consists of various palaces, sutra halls, and pagodas, forming a magnificent and grand architectural complex. It is a sacred place of belief in Qinghai and attracts many worshipers. The butter sculptures, murals, and embroidered tapestries in the temple are known as the three treasures of Taer Temple and have a unique ethnic style. You must come and see it once!
A'Ruo Temple is the world's largest tent temple. Compared with Tashilhunpo Monastery, A'Ruo Temple is more niche and tranquil. There are almost no commercial traces here, and the people are more simple and devout. Its architectural style is very unique, combining the style of Tibetan Buddhist temples with Chinese-style palaces, which is very eye-catching. There is also a Chinese version of the "Inari Shrine" here. The picturesque corridor at the temple entrance is perfect for taking photos and always looks amazing!

Xining Dongguan Mosque

The Xining Dongguan Mosque is one of the four major mosques in the northwest region of China, with a strong Islamic cultural background. It features authentic Arabian architectural style, with beautiful arches and domes showcasing perfect symmetry. The entire mosque is pristine white, making it a perfect spot for photography. People who are not familiar with it might think you have been to Dubai!

Qinghai-Tibet Railway

The Qinghai-Tibet Railway, known as the "Sky Road", is the highest-altitude and longest plateau railway in the world. Xining is the starting point of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, and the entire train is arranged in a Tibetan style. Along the way, you can enjoy the highland pastures, snow-capped mountains, lakes, and uninhabited areas, as if watching a movie, every frame is breathtakingly beautiful! You must come and experience the Qinghai-Tibet Railway at least once in your lifetime, and everyone who has taken it says it is unforgettable.

Qinghai-Tibet Highway

The Qinghai-Tibet Highway is the safest route for self-driving to Tibet, perfect for first-time travelers. Departing from Xining, crossing mountains and wilderness, experiencing the changes of nature, and entering the sacred land of Tibet.

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