Hulunbuir is the most popular check-in spot

Hulunbuir's withered grass, wilderness, boundlessness, artistic conception, vastness, and grandness make it a popular destination for many tourists.


Heshantou, also known as "Harataolagai" in Mongolian, is named after the Heshan group located 2 kilometers northeast of the town site. Heshantou Town is located 45 kilometers southwest of Erguna City, with the western and northwest parts facing the Priargunskiy district of Russia across the Erguna River, bordering Chen Barag Banner to the south, and adjacent to Sanhe Hui and Enhe Russian ethnic townships in the northeast.

Wedding Palace

The Wedding Palace is located on a small hill in the Dongshan Botanical Garden, the highest point in Manzhouli City. It is a simple, solemn, and elegant Gothic-style building, which integrates tourism, European-style weddings, and other functions. It is also one of the iconic buildings in Manzhouli.

Mongol Grassland Scenic Area

Herds of cattle and sheep, as well as the lines of distant mountains, are coated with a faint warm color, creating a grand and magnificent scene.

Hulunbuir Ancient City

Hulunbuir Ancient City was built in 1734 and was once one of the two border cities established by the Qing Dynasty government in Heilongjiang (the other being Aihui City). The original site of the ancient city is now located in the Zhengyang Street area of Hailar District. Today it has become a major tourist area in Hailar City, combining with commercial streets.

Manzhouli Matryoshka Scenic Area

Manzhouli Matryoshka Doll Scenic Area is a iconic tourist attraction in Manzhouli City. The scenic area includes six major functional areas: Matryoshka World, Happy Zone, Matryoshka Theater, Russian Folk Experience Hall, Russian-Mongolian Performing Arts Theater, and Extreme Paradise. It offers world-renowned Russian circus, dreamlike ballet, Russian handicrafts, and more.

Locomotive Square

The locomotive square was built in June 2004. The locomotive in the square is a Japanese steam locomotive from 1940, and the tracks beneath it were made in the Soviet Union in 1925, known as the 43 track because each meter of it weighs 43 kilograms. This locomotive has a license plate number "1861".

Border Road

Blue sky, white clouds, grasslands, forests, rivers, and wildflowers are simple elements but create picturesque scenery. The border patrol road, known as "China's most beautiful road," is a 6-kilometer long straight road that seems to stretch endlessly. On a section of this road, you can drive up to the mountaintop and have a panoramic view of all the surrounding mountains.

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