Visit Hulunbuir, taste the delicious cuisine of the grasslands

The vast grassland of Hulunbuir is a "green paradise" and also known as the "northern jade". Drinking a bowl of rich butter tea, watching the clear sky and floating white clouds, how can we find the characteristic cuisine of Hulunbuir? Let me help introduce some.

Prairie Hotel

The fresh lamb here comes entirely from the Hulun Buir grasslands. It is tender, nutritious, and considered top-grade lamb. Made with traditional techniques, the meat rolls are thinly sliced and each kilogram of lamb can be cut into hundreds of slices. Boil the cooked meat broth in a pot, add some seafood, and then put the sliced lamb into the pot. After cooking, dip it in locally-made garlic chive sauce for a delicious taste with a lingering aftertaste.

Mushroom-flavored healthy-themed hotpot

Translated to English: Jun Xiang Yuan is really popular. It is already fully booked by around 5 o'clock in the afternoon. However, this restaurant is very user-friendly, with a waiting area and the option to queue for a table. They also provide fruits, popcorn, and shrimp chips for customers to enjoy while waiting. Moreover, the fresh lamb in this restaurant is sourced from the great grasslands of Hulunbuir and is incredibly delicious.

Nominta Tea House

For a long time, milk tea has not only been a beverage for us Mongolians, but also a cultural heritage and a form of emotion. The tea leaves in the pot are mainly boiled with traditional methods to make milk tea. Just add dried meat, cheese, milk skin, etc. to the pot and cook while eating. During the meal, pour the milk tea into a bowl, add milk tofu, fried rice, and butter. The longer it is cooked, the softer it becomes, and the tofu dries out and softens, making the taste even better. Adding Mongolian fruits, steaks, etc. when drinking will make it more authentic.

Lubi's Western Restaurant

Russian-style Western cuisine is not as grand as imagined, but rather simple and natural. Manzhouli, located on the Sino-Russian border, and also China's largest land port, is home to a famous Russian restaurant. There are many Russians here, and Russian-style Western cuisine has become one of the local specialties. Handsome Russian guys and blond Russian girls are busy around you, occasionally putting on wonderful performances. The most important thing is their delicious food: crispy pickles, tasty Russian-style kebabs, golden potato chips, and creamy sweet desserts. Russians also love to have some post-meal black tea, especially fruit-flavored black tea, which looks very welcoming.

Seven Rooms Whole Lamb House

A traditional food on the Hulunbuir grassland, it is also the favorite and most commonly eaten food of grassland herdsmen. "Shou Ba Rou" generally refers to lamb. As the name suggests, it is eaten with hands. When you are on the grassland, besides riding horses, trying the authentic hand-pulled lamb is an indispensable activity. In people's minds, only with such food can they truly feel that they have arrived on the grassland and the trip is not in vain.