Hulunbuir Special Restaurant Check-in

The vast Hulun Buir grassland is both a "green land" and a "jade of the north". In this beautiful place, you can enjoy a bowl of rich butter tea while admiring the clear sky and the floating white clouds. How can we discover the local delicacies of Hulun Buir? Let me introduce them to you.

Golden Horde Mongolian Tribe - Roasted Whole Lamb

"Roast whole lamb" is a very precious dish that usually appears on grand occasions, such as Nadam, Mongolian weddings, and Changshengtian prayer banquets. The process is simple, but not every chef can try it. The whole processed fat lamb is put into the oven for roasting, then other seasonings are added. It is roasted until the skin is golden and the inside is tender, and it can be directly served with local wild onion flower sauce. The process of eating roasted whole lamb is also quite grand. The chef first puts the whole lamb into a large wooden tray, ties a red silk ribbon around the lamb's neck, and then presents it to the guests for viewing. Then the host explains the process of roasting the whole lamb, a throat singing is performed, and the lamb opening ceremony begins. First, ancestors and Changshengtian are honored, and then the most colorful meat on the back of the lamb is cut and presented to the most distinguished guest. Then the chef starts to break down and divide the lamb into different parts for the guests to enjoy.

Manzhouli Hulun Lake Restaurant

Hulun Lake is the fourth largest freshwater lake in China and the largest lake in the northern region. The Full Fish Banquet, also known as the Hundred Fish Banquet, is a cuisine mainly based on aquatic products from Hulun Lake. It uses a variety of cooking methods and can be made into over 500 dishes. It includes a wide variety of fish species such as carp, crucian, white fish, red-tailed fish, valuable salmon, and trout, all of which have delicious meat and are rich in nutrients. There are over 120 species of fresh fish and lake shrimp from Hulun Lake, which can be cooked together to create the "Full Fish Banquet." However, due to increasing environmental protection measures and fishing bans, the aquatic resources are becoming scarce, and it may become difficult to enjoy such abundant fish in the future.

The people's communes iron pot stew

When you come to Mo'erdaoga, you must try the iron pot stew at the most popular restaurant on Dianping. They serve a Northeastern-style iron pot stew with potatoes, pork chops, pumpkin, green beans, corn, and more. They also steam big steamed buns by hand. The stew is delicious, but it's also quite expensive, costing around 280 for a pot.

Jufengyuan Food Court

A stir-fry restaurant on Hassar Street, with delicious food and generous portions. Their signature dish is Stone Pot Cold Water Fish.

Iron Mountain Cold Drink Shop

I suggest drinking ice cream and brewed yogurt, which are very creamy. I heard that the ice cream sells well, and even in cold weather, it can't cool down our enthusiasm. Highly recommend! Along the road from Enhe to Heishantou, passing E'erguna Labin, I even specifically went to taste the ice cream.