Inventory of accommodation options in Hulunbuir Grassland Hotels

This is another summer on the Hulunbuir Grassland. There must be many little buddies who are preparing to come to the grassland again. However, the most important thing in tourism is accommodation. Only by staying well can you have more fun and experience the different grassland styles. Today, let's take a look at some unique hotels on the grassland.

Prairie scenery, starry sky, wooden house

Location: Chen Barag Flag, Hulunbuir. "Starry Sky Cabin" is a desirable place to live, located deep in the grassland. It is a fantastic place for those tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. Boating, barbecuing, playing African drums, lying in bed and counting stars, all of these are wonderful. Falling asleep under the starlight, waking up to the sight of sheep passing by the window, a beautiful day begins. Take the children to see the sunset on the mountain, play in the small grove, take a leisurely walk by the lake. When you get tired, sit quietly on a rocking chair to rest, or enjoy the breeze in the pavilion, spending a peaceful time. However, there is a slight downside because in the deep grass, there are really a lot of mosquitoes. The rooms are covered in them. It is recommended to buy mosquito repellent before going. Nevertheless, the cabin is still worth a visit for a unique experience.

Rustic farmhouse in a simple and pure rural area

Location: Mo'erdaoga, Shiwei, and other places. Many indigenous people in the scenic area operate tourism industries, allowing urban residents to have rural meals, live in farmhouse houses, experience rural life, and feel the peaceful and leisurely lifestyle. Feel the simplicity, elegance, heaviness, and humility of the local people. Flowers sway by the side of the stage, colorful gardens in front and behind the house, various chrysanthemum potted plants in the corner of the wall, the fragrance of gesang flowers inside and outside the courtyard, and the flowing water of the small bridge outside the window.

Herald Triumph Grand Hotel

Located in the busiest area of Hailar, it is very convenient for transportation. It is the preferred choice of DeSheng Hotel. There are shopping malls and pedestrian streets nearby, making it convenient for eating and shopping. The nearby supermarket is very suitable for purchasing for relatives and friends. The front desk service is enthusiastic and thoughtful, but the hotel is under renovation, so some areas may feel dirty. The indoor facilities are complete but outdated, and the cleanliness is average. The king-size room has been booked, but the room is too small and cramped. I'm not sure if other room types are the same. If you drive yourself, parking is difficult. There is a small parking lot at the entrance, but there are not many parking spaces. Cars cannot park there, and finding a parking space is troublesome.

Aoluoguya - Ice and Snow Hotel

The Ice Hotel is located in Aoluguya, Genhe City, Hulunbuir, China. Aoluguya is the only ethnic township in Genhe City, Inner Mongolia, known as the "homeland of Chinese reindeer culture." The Ewenki hunters of Aoluguya, who live deep in the Daxing'anling Mountains year-round, are the only ethnic group in China that raises reindeer. The collision of reindeer and the ice hotel in the remote Aoluguya produces a thrilling chemical reaction.
Address: Mingzhu Apartment, 11th floor, Erdao Street. The hotel has few rooms. The owner has a good character, but the furniture and carpets are somewhat worn out. There are very few service staff, but the rooms are still clean and tidy. We booked two double bed rooms, but due to the peak season, we were arranged rooms on both sides of the floor, which was a bit inconvenient. However, one of the rooms was a family room with one big and two small beds, as well as a TV and a Mahjong machine. The room was very spacious. The restaurant is adjacent to the lobby and is the only place in the building that serves breakfast. Therefore, guests from other floors of the hotel also have breakfast here. There are more people and the breakfast arrangement is a bit chaotic, but the breakfast is simple and delicious.