Comprehensive Guide to a Deep Exploration of Inner Mongolia's Arxan

In Arxan Park, the air is fresh and pleasant, with charming natural scenery. The unique natural landscapes, such as the beautiful Tianchi Lake, the breathtaking Shitang Forest, the magnificent Meigui Peak, the unique Haosen Gou, and the Shengquan Shengshui Hot Springs, are endowed with profound human history and simple ethnic customs. It is not only a place for leisure, vacation, and tourism but also a holy land for health preservation.

Camel Mountain Heavenly Lake

The Tianchi of Aershan is the most beautiful landscape in Aershan Forest Park. It is a special landform formed by volcanic accumulation of water, known as Ma'er Lake. Climbing to the mountain top along the plank road, you can overlook the entire Tianchi of Camel Hump Ridge. The reflection of the lake is blue, intertwined with yellow trees, green trees, and yellow trees on the side. As the Tianchi scenic area is quite far, it is recommended to take a car to Camel Hump Ridge first, and then return.
It is a mountain dammed lake formed by volcanic eruption, named after the rhododendrons blooming on the lake shore around June. The most beautiful scene of the Rhododendron Lake is at sunset, with its blue color reflecting on the lake surface like satin, creating a picturesque view with blue sky, white clouds, green mountains, and trees.

Wusulangzi Lake

This is the convergence of the four major grasslands: Mongolia, Xilingol, Horqin, and Hulunbuir. It was originally called "Water Bubble No.49" and the lake surface presents a melancholy blue color, with a serene beauty. Wusulangzi Lake is surrounded by mountains, with tranquil flowing water, and often has clouds and mist after sunrise, making the scenery particularly beautiful.

Haraha River

Hala Lake is a border river between China and Mongolia. The segment from Santanxia to Jinjianggou Forest Farm remains unfrozen all year round due to geothermal activity. It is extremely spectacular, with mist rising even when the temperature is below minus 30 degrees Celsius. The scenery here is beautiful, with lush vegetation on both sides of the river and clear water, making it a paradise for photography enthusiasts.
Composed of three deep pools and filled with volcanic rocks in the valley, the river is broad and the scenery is magnificent with winding water flow. In June, there are still ice and snow, and the canyon is full of azaleas, giving a sense of a fairyland.
Experience volcanic eruption, this is the only lava dome in China, with black magma cakes and petrified magma sea, various marvelous sights.