7-day tour of Hulunbuir Grassland

2 cities | 18 attraction(s) | total distance 942 km
This route crosses the Great Xing'an Mountains forest and enters the Hulunbuir grassland. There are many mosquitoes, so please prepare mosquito repellent in advance. The summer UV rays are strong, and there is a large temperature difference between morning and evening, so please prepare sun protection and rainproof clothing, sunscreen and other items.

Day1: DaXingAnLing

1 attraction(s) · 0 km
"The North Pole Village", the northernmost village on mainland China, is searching for various northernmost points, such as the North Pole, Arctic Sand Island, China's northernmost post office, northernmost border checkpoint, and the northernmost family. Here, anything can be called the northernmost.

Day2: DaXingAnLing

4 attraction(s) · 239 km
Deep into the depths of the Greater Khingan Range, intimate contact with the Ewenki reindeer, accompanied by primitive white birch forests along the border highway, the first bay of the Songhua River- Jinhuandao, 888 steps to climb to reach China's true northernmost point- Wusuli shoal, passing through the ancient Golden Road post, winding through the Jiuqu Shiba Wan scenic area to reach the town of Mohe.
24 km
111 km

Day3: Hulunber

2 attraction(s) · 115 km
Leaving Mohe and traveling through the border of Heihe Province, you can enjoy the scenery of the Greater Khingan Range along the way. The car shuttles through the forest, occasionally encountering small animals crossing the road, giving you a true sense of crossing the Greater Khingan Range. In the evening, arrive at Mo'ergata Town.

Day4: Hulunber

4 attraction(s) · 149 km
Early in the morning, climb up Longyan Mountain to watch the sunrise over the forest sea, view the panoramic scene of Xing'an, pass through the peaceful village of Taiping with only a few dozen households along the forest gravel road, pass through Eagle Beak and go to Linjiangtun along the Sino-Russian border highway, pass through picturesque scenery all the way and arrive at Enhe, a Russian-style homestay village.
70 km
1 km
79 km

Day5: Hulunber

2 attraction(s) · 50 km
Travel along the Genhe Wetland all the way to Heishantou Town, passing through a tribe that produces many beautiful women, the Horqin Mongolian Tribe. Arrive in Heishantou Town in the evening and choose to stay in a yurt to experience grassland life. Wait quietly for the sunset on the grassland in the evening.
50 km

Day6: Hulunber

3 attraction(s) · 184 km
Endless grasslands are spectacular along the border area of the Eerguna River. Visit the 5 generation border gates of China and Russia, the Matryoshka Square in Manzhouli and enjoy the night scenery of this city, rich with the cultures of China, Russia and Mongolia. The night view of Manzhouli is not to be missed.
179 km
6 km

Day7: Hulunber

2 attraction(s) · 208 km
Following Tonghu Road to reach Hulun Lake, which is a bright pearl embedded in the grassland. Continuing along the grassland, passing by the Balhu Mongolian tribe, Jizhang Khan's Morindag River, the world's first bend, there are beautiful views to stop and play at any time. Returning to Hailar City at night to end the journey.