Hulunbuir - Taste Authentic Cuisine

The vast and boundless Hulunbuir grassland is a "green paradise" and a "northern emerald." Drinking a bowl of rich butter tea, looking at the clear sky and floating white clouds, how can we find the unique cuisine of Hulunbuir? Let me introduce it to everyone...

Lilia Russian-style bread

In Russia, leba, also known as bread, is everywhere on the streets. It is natural to want to taste it. This shop should have been a well-known chain store in Hulunbuir, Russia. I often see their advertisements and many people bought a large box as souvenirs when I returned to the plane.

Original Sheng Xian Hotpot Restaurant

Address: Yulin Business Hotel (Hasar Road East), Eerguna City, Hulunbuir City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It would be a shame to not try hotpot lamb when visiting the grasslands. The master chef recommended it highly, and in addition to the regular hotpot lamb, they also offer hand-cut lamb with tender and delicious meat. It's definitely worth trying.

Venice Western Restaurant (Four Street Branch)

Address: No. 40, Fourth Street. The place has a good taste and there are also performances, very interesting! Signature Potato Slices: The middle part of the potato slices is soft, with a crispy outer skin. Personally, I think they taste better than regular fried French fries. Grilled Pork Skewers: The old man's skewers, they should be called meat chunks, but they are really tender.

Golden Rujubing Restaurant

The Chen Barhu Banner Left Banner is mostly inhabited by Mongolians. There are many mutton pie restaurants on the street. This small shop has an average environment, but the lamb soup and beef pie taste amazing. The lamb soup is sprinkled with some pepper as soon as it comes out of the pot, so hot that I can't finish a mouthful. I can't finish a mouthful of the meat pie!

Juxinyuan Fresh Fish Village

Their signature dishes are Dali Lake live fish and lake prawns, which are almost served at every table. The taste is excellent!