Hailar high-quality hotel

A city on the grassland! A city with a 7,000-year-old culture! A city of green development and ecological civilization! A city that connects the external opening of Russia and Mongolia. Welcome to stay at the high-quality hotels in Hailar.

Hulunbuir Zhongcheng Holiday Hotel

Beautiful environment, convenient transportation, about 10 minutes drive from the city's commercial area.

Hulunbuir Hotel

Located by the Heilongjiang River in Hailar, it boasts beautiful surroundings and a rich ethnic culture.

Kaijing Jiahua Hotel

The hotel is located in the downtown commercial area, creating a brand-new business hotel culture.

Hulunbuir Yihewen Hot Spring Hotel

Adopting a Southeast Asian-style "tropical garden" architectural style, it is simple and understated.

Hulunbuir Hailar Baifu Yue Hotel

Highly personalized services complement high-end facilities.

Hulunbuir Friendship International Hotel

Carefully crafted and uniquely styled guest rooms and suites, cozy and comfortable.