Must-play List in Manzhouli

Passed through mountains and waters, cycled across grasslands and deserts, off-road journey through the grasslands, herders tell you about their lives, here is no urban exhaust, only the magnificence of nature and the release in the poet's heart.

Manzhouli Matryoshka Scenic Area

Manzhouli Matryoshka Scenic Area is a iconic tourist attraction in Manzhouli City. The scenic area has six functional areas, including Matryoshka World, Happy Zone, Matryoshka Theater, Russian Folklore Experience Hall, Russian-Mongolian Performing Arts Theater, and Extreme Paradise. It features world-renowned Russian circus, dream-like ballet, Russian handicrafts, and more.

Wedding palace

Wedding Palace is located in the high point of Manzhouli City - on a small hill in Dongshan Botanical Garden. It is a simple, solemn, and elegant Gothic-style building. It is a comprehensive venue that combines tourism, European style weddings, and other functions. It is also one of the iconic buildings in Manzhouli.

Hulun Lake

Lake Hulun, one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China, is also known as Lake Dalai. "Dalai" is Mongolian and means "sea"; "Lake Dalai" means a lake like a sea. The surface of Lake Hulun is irregularly oblong, and the water area is vast.
The camp of Genghis Khan is a tourist attraction with the landscape of Mongolian nomadic tribes. It is also the largest Mongolian tribe in the Hulunbuir area, located on the east side of Dayong Mountain Ski Resort in Donghu District, covering an area of 100,000 square meters. The surrounding area is a beautiful natural pasture where many nomadic ethnic groups have lived and thrived throughout history.

Train Head Square

The Train Head Square was completed in June 2004. The train head in the square is a steam locomotive head manufactured in Japan in 1940, and the tracks below are 43 tracks manufactured in the Soviet Union in 1925. The term "43 tracks" is because each meter of this track weighs 43 kilograms. The license plate of this train head is "1861".

Sino-Russia Border River and Boundary Marker Scenic Area

The Zhong-E River and Boundary Monument Scenic Area is located in Erzi Lake. Erzi Lake is a boundary river, with its northwest waters extending into Russian territory. On both sides of the boundary river, several boundary monuments from China and Russia stand facing each other like loyal sentinels guarding their respective countries' territory.
The pedestrian street is filled with Russian charm. When you come here at night, you can enjoy the enchanting nighttime scenery like in a fairy tale. The street is illuminated with lights and busy with activity, and there is a constant stream of fair-haired and blue-eyed Russians strolling as if they were wandering in their own small courtyard. For Chinese tourists, however, there is a feeling of being in a foreign land.

Manzhouli National Gate Scenic Area

Manzhouli Guomen Scenic Area is a landmark tourist attraction in Manzhouli City. It is a key national red tourism destination and an important part of the China-Russia border tourism area. Above the gate, there are seven red characters that spell "People's Republic of China." It is a must-visit place for tourists in Manzhouli.