Hulunbuir Russian-style accommodation

The vast and boundless Hulunbuir grassland is connected to the sky and stretches for miles. The melodies of the pastures are melodious, and herds of cattle and sheep are present. The winding Naiman River surrounds like a jade belt, with wisps of smoke from the white felt tents. Combined with Russian-style residential characteristics, it will make you linger and forget to return.

Ergunnaen and the Korean-Chunxiang Station of the Russian Nationality Township

Deep Russian style, as if in a fairytale log cabin.

Erguna Turland European-style Boutique Hotel

Excellent location, exquisite interior, full of Russian style.

Ergunaoqing Mountain Villa

Adopting a Russian architectural style known locally as "wooden lace."

Ergunna Sophia Russian Travel House

The room is decorated with solid wood overall, and the high terrain offers a panoramic view of the surrounding scenery.

Erguna River Visits Russian-Style Families

The homestay integrates traditional and primitive design concepts.