All the internet-famous hotels in Bali are here, take them all

When it comes to vacation or honeymoon destinations, Bali is a top choice for many people. There are so many unique and trendy hotels in Bali, including infinity pool hotels that have been reinvented in various ways. However, the most popular way to vacation in Bali nowadays is to retreat to the jungle and experience the allure of nature. Here are all the popular Bali Instagrammable hotels, take your pick!

Jungle vacation paradise! Take down the tropical wind villa with ultra-high cost performance of over 600+ per person! Surrounded by rice fields and lush forests, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountain views and surrounding greenery, it is simply a paradise! Each villa also provides an outdoor bathroom with a sunken stone bathtub and a hot tub, so don't miss it if you like playing in the water! The petal bath is also superb!

Zen Hideaway

Stay here to enjoy all the popular elements of Bali! You don't have to queue up for the swing. The swing here will definitely not disappoint you and is even better than Bali Swing which costs over 200 yuan. Also, there is no need to wait in line, you can play to your heart's content! Every corner of the homestay is a must-have element for taking photos. The net bed, hammock, misty mountain views, you can really take ten thousand pictures here!
Per capita over 300+ for an amazing white cliff swimming pool! The hotel is located on the cliff, overlooking the beautiful coastline! The white circular pool outside the spa area is perfect for taking photos and is a popular spot for social media check-ins! Only a 2-minute walk to the beach~ the rooms are decorated with Indonesian interior design, which is very unique!
A breathtaking sky pool! The best place hidden in the mountains to listen to the birdsong~ This luxury five-star sky garden resort overlooks the Ayung River and offers villas with private infinity pools, the view is incredible! The villas are decorated in traditional Balinese style, with large terraces offering swimming pool or jungle panoramic views! You can also enjoy a luxurious spa experience while listening to the trickling water in the natural environment by the river!
Here is a great place for a leisurely vacation, completely avoiding crowds and hiding in the mountains and forests. What you hear is no longer the sound of car horns, but the sounds of jungle birds and animals. You can also enjoy the panoramic view of rice paddies, with every breath filled with fresh air! You can even do some spa treatments, experience Bali-style massage, and participate in cooking classes to never get bored. The front desk staff can also arrange cycling and rice terrace hiking activities!
High cost performance, avoid the crowd and enjoy the sea petal bath! Built by the sea, just a one-minute walk to the beach, friends who love the sea must not miss it! One of the hotel's swimming pools is sandwiched between a white wall and a green plant wall, making it a beautiful spot for photos. And the restaurant is very special with a glass roof that absorbs the starry sky and beach views, dining here while enjoying the sea and sky is truly amazing.
The best cliffside infinity pool for enjoying the sea view! Overlooking the stunning green glass sea, the scenery is amazing, especially with their private beach, which is truly a green glass sea. You can also take a special cable car down to the beach to play, but it is not suitable for swimming as there are many pebbles. Moreover, it is one of the best in terms of value for money among cliffside hotels, with many room types to choose from, accommodating multiple guests.
The decoration style of the seaside hotel is simply beautiful, with a lot of wooden buildings and European furniture, and the design is super high-end and great for taking photos. The villa rooms also have private swimming pools, and the suites have bathtubs. And the hotel also has four outdoor swimming pools and six restaurants with beautiful environments, which are super suitable for vacations!
Three-tiered infinity pool, excellent value for money hotel hidden in the jungle ~ This hotel hidden deep in the mountains is also super beautiful! You can see the nearby river valley and the distant volcano, and watching the sunrise in the morning is simply ethereal~ The hotel is inspired by traditional Balinese architecture, with wooden buildings as the mainstay, surrounded by tropical plants, and a three-tiered infinity pool with special sunken sofas, offering stunning views. It is really the top choice hotel for escapism!
Stunning cliff-top infinity pool with breathtaking coastal views! The hotel scores full marks just with its cliff-side ocean views. Swimming in the pool is awesome, you can enjoy the unbeatable sea view while swimming. The part of the pool bottom that floats out from the cliff is transparent, and walking on it is super thrilling. People with acrophobia should not try it easily!
The mirror of Bali's sky, the infinite pool that truly brings out the beauty of the sky! Their infinite pool is really heavenly beautiful, every photo looks like walking on clouds, super fairy-like! When met with sunset or spectacular cloud scenes, every frame is like a piece of art, enough to make you popular on Instagram. The hotel is surrounded by coffee trees and rice fields, with a quiet environment and close proximity to nature, making it a good place to escape the city. If you don't want to go too far during the National Day, you can come here, soak in the hot tub, drink coffee, and enjoy the super beautiful sunset!
Lying on the aerial hammock watching the sunset is the most romantic honeymoon experience~ Located on the hillside of Ubud, with a higher terrain and overlooking the Petanu River, it offers a beautiful view of tropical plants and gardens, free Wi-Fi and a shuttle service to Ubud town center. The aerial hammock is between two trees, lying on it listening to the birds singing, the swaying of the trees, and watching the sunset in Bali, it couldn't be more comfortable. The hotel's infinity pool floating breakfast is also very attractive, making it a holiday hotel with all the popular elements. It's perfect for taking vacation photos~
Each person costs 300 to stay at the stylish and picturesque holiday hotel, with its breathtakingly designed spaces that make it hard to stop taking photos! Everywhere in the hotel is filled with a sense of spatial design, like a beautiful space base~ The wide and bright environment is really unbeatable when taking photos~ The hotel's outdoor swimming pool, landscape pool, and rooftop pool are all very beautiful, with a view that is so amazing that it will blow you away~ The fitness center is also open 24 hours.
Escape to the perfect hotel, hide away in the forest and enjoy a completely personalized vacation. Every day, wake up to the lush green forest and breathe in the clean air. Take a relaxing bath, indulge in a spa treatment - what could be more pleasant than this? The hotel rooms are filled with bamboo and wood elements, creating a tropical atmosphere. The hotel's infinity pool with its picturesque mountain view is also the perfect spot for taking photos. Furthermore, the hotel offers excellent value for money and is ideal for honeymooners.
The flower petal bath is so beautiful that it makes people cry. I just want to take photos here forever. The hotel is tranquil and beautiful, making it especially suitable for city-dwellers to come here for a vacation. Enjoying a happy floating breakfast and lying on a lounge chair to sunbathe is just so delightful.
Tropical valley perfect holiday resort, hide in the quiet mountains and enjoy life! This four-season resort hotel is built in the tropical Ayung River valley, where one can completely immerse oneself in the quiet rainforest and be free from worldly strife! The hotel has a public swimming pool, and villa suites also come with private swimming pools, which make for great photo opportunities! The most stunning feature is the water terrace on the hotel rooftop, where one can feel like a fairy walking on it.

The Suboya Bamboo House

Seize the bamboo villa that outshines all infinity pool hotels, a hot spot for ins bloggers to check in! This bamboo villa hotel is just too beautiful!! It is located on the edge of a valley, with a magnificent view of meters of terraced fields and the distant Agong Mountain. The entire villa has two floors, equipped with living room, kitchen, an open shower and private bathroom facilities, and can accommodate 4 people at the same time! The second floor also has a terrace with lounge chairs and hammocks, lying on the hammocks to sunbathe and enjoy the rice terrace landscape, and you can take magazine-level photos!
Sleeping on the pool! Any picture taken here is a big shot! Located in Uluwatu, the pure white secret spot of Sal Secret is known for its white style, small and exquisite swimming pool, and private single villas. Every corner has a spot for taking big shots! The most special thing is that this hotel also sets the bed and lounge chairs in the water, making people feel like they are on the water surface!
A vacation hotel with a native style, located closest to nature, the preferred choice for a Ubud vacation~ The hotel is located in Ubud, inspired by the culture and design of Bali, very native style, close to nature~ The hotel has an outdoor swimming pool, where you can eat and swim at the same time, which is also great~ The hotel is surrounded by some farmland, if you are interested, you can experience it, taking photos on this green farmland is very beautiful, with a beautiful dress it is simply super beautiful.
Water sports enthusiasts really can't miss this hotel with a wide variety of swimming pools. It is a seaside resort hotel with a large outdoor swimming pool, a waterfall lake swimming pool, a swimming pool with a hot tub, spa, and wellness center. The swimming pool is very clean and the water is clear, making it perfect for taking photos!