This is the place Qinghai should go, you definitely got it wrong!

We all know that in Qinghai, there is Qinghai Lake, the Qilian Mountains in Menyuan, and also a mirror of the sky. But perhaps 99% of people have missed this hidden paradise in Qinghai.

Golden Pasture - Qilian Mountain Grassland

Qilian Mountains Grassland, located at the boundary of Qinghai and Gansu provinces, is a high-altitude grassland and is known for its vastness. Grassland, white clouds, herds of cattle and sheep, snow-capped mountains, herdsmen and smoke from the tents form a beautiful scene. A gentle breeze can make people feel a sense of returning to nature and entering a dreamlike state. The renowned Shandan Horse Ranch, the largest ranch in the Far East, is also built here.

Wandering - Xining

Xining, a city perfect for walking, is worth exploring after visiting Northwest China. Discover delicious food in small streets and alleys, visit the grand mosque, and experience the charm of this city on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. Traveling is a state of mind, seeking not only lively excitement but also tranquility and serenity.
Valuable relics and large-scale colored paintings hidden inside the temple are well-known by many people. They are all made of pure wood structure, very quaint. Compared to Tashi Lhunpo Monastery, Qutan Monastery seems very quiet, only when a breeze blows, the copper bells under the eaves will make a sound. However, the dust of history cannot hide its brilliance at all. It is worth visiting this quaint and unique temple.
Here are the sources of three important rivers in China. It is located at an altitude of over 4,000 meters and is the largest and most natural wetland in our country, with great conservation value. Inside, there are countless natural landscapes, grasslands, mountains, and wildlife, just like a painting, making you can't help but take more photos. Here, you can feel the pure and untouched beauty of nature.

Teke Lake

Here is incredibly beautiful, in autumn, the Populus euphratica forest here is unbelievably beautiful. You can see the beautiful scenery of the source of the Yangtze River at a glance here, which is amazing. And there are abundant mineral resources here, and there is a lot of salt here, enough for 6 billion people to live for a thousand years. The most famous here is the salt bridge, it is 32 kilometers long and more than 15 meters thick, and it is all made of salt. Moreover, the bridge surface is very smooth, driving on it is not a problem at all.
It is a lake located on the top of the mountain, with charming scenery in summer. I think its name is also very poetic, and wild strawberries can be seen everywhere here. The scenery here is all natural, without any pollution from magazines. Moreover, the climate here is mild, and there are many wild animals and plants, just like a fairyland on earth.

Great Mosque

It was founded during the Jingyou period of the Northern Song Dynasty 900 years ago. It has a combination of Chinese classical, European, and Arabic architectural styles. The main hall is made of blue bricks and glazed tiles, similar to the "Jinluan Hall" in the Ming Dynasty. The site is well-preserved. The buildings here combine Chinese and Islamic styles, with a grand exterior and exquisite interior decoration. It can accommodate nearly three thousand people.

Huyanglin Provincial Nature Reserve

In this barren desert, only the Populus euphratica stands out as exceptionally beautiful. It is the only type of tree that can grow on desert and sandy areas. It is highly heat and cold resistant, able to anchor its roots up to 13 meters underground and absorb water even in extremely dry conditions. Oasis in the desert are precious, so witnessing this naturally rare tree is definitely worth the visit.

Kanbula National Forest Park

Here you can find both fault rocks and Danxia landforms, which you may have seen in geography books. However, you will definitely make different discoveries when you come here in person. The different geological structures of the mountains here lead to varied scenery. Along the way, there are continuous beautiful views, unique and exquisite landscapes that are stunning and breathtaking.
The whole hall in the temple is only illuminated by a few beams of sunlight, creating a solemn atmosphere. Outside, there are many bird calls, creating a peaceful and elegant ambiance. There are many buildings here, totaling more than 9300, which integrate Tibetan and Han architectural styles, carrying great historical and cultural significance. The famous sculptures, murals, and embroidery here are very attractive ethnic features.