The most authentic and delicious local cuisine in Chengdu is highly recommended

Someone once said that Chengdu is a city where people never want to leave, and the most attractive thing about it is its food. Here are a few authentic Chengdu restaurants that I would recommend.

Spicy and hot

In Kweixinglou, this food street, this place is the king of queuing, and once you try it, you'll discover how delicious it is. Exploding rabbit waist, crispy skin and tender meat, rabbit head is also tasty, and also must-try are the farmhouse small potatoes, brain flower, hot pot noodles, and spicy thousand layer stomach.

Hot-tempered specialty restaurant

The name alone reveals its unique character. It sells bullfrog, a typical spicy dish from Neijiang and Zigong. It is a must-try for those who love strong and spicy flavors. The frog meat is tender and flavorful, and the portion of side dishes is generous.

He Xiaoxian Hot Pot

This is a very artistic hot pot restaurant. The decoration in the restaurant is very fresh and features green plants, maps, and various travel elements. Of course, the taste is also very good.

Fragrant rice

It is an authentic Zigong cuisine restaurant. The cold rabbit is flavorful, the farmer's beef fillet and the fish with flower petals are very tender. The diving frog and Kung Pao dry pot are also excellent.

Self-serve noodle shop

From noodles to seasonings to toppings, all the ingredients are carefully selected, truly living up to its reputation as an old and established brand. Zhajiang noodles, pork rib noodles, and beef noodles are the "traditional top three" dishes. The restaurant is frequented by locals, so if you're nearby, you should definitely give it a try.

Mingting Restaurant

Claimed as the "fighter jet in the fly restaurant of Chengdu," doufu nao hua, lotus leaf sauce meat, spicy fragrant fish, and king yellow throat are all cherished treasures of Chengdu locals. You must come and try them.