A must-visit for pork intestines lovers! Don't miss the delicious pork intestines in Chengdu!

Sichuan people can be said to be the best at eating intestines. The seasoning is rich and the taste is diverse. Here are some delicious intestines in Chengdu that cannot be missed. A must-visit for intestine lovers!

Frequent customer: Intestine noodles

Intestine noodles are the most authentic local snack in Chengdu, which can be found everywhere. One of the best places to enjoy this delicious dish is Changke Authentic Old Brand Jiujiang Intestine Noodles. The taste is traditional, with a spicy and refreshing red flavor, and a rich and slightly numbing white flavor. The intestines are cooked to perfection, not overly soft or mushy, with a slight chewiness.

Three-nothing restaurant: Steamed Pork Intestines with Rice Flour

Three-No Restaurant in Chengdu is a well-known fly restaurant with no signboard and lacks advertising promotion or a formal storefront. When you discover Mengzhui Wan Heng Street, be extra cautious and carefully search for it. Once you see the prominent Xiaolongzi steaming in the bamboo steamer at the entrance, you've arrived. The signature dishes include steamed spare ribs, steamed beef, and steamed pig intestines, with steamed pig intestines being particularly famous.

Yuan 8 Li: Popular Fried Intestines

Crispy and slightly charred, the rich and succulent intestines are a delightful treat. To indulge in this delicacy, one must visit "Yuan 8 Li," a traditional Sichuan restaurant nestled in a small courtyard. The ambiance and decor exude the nostalgic charm of old Chengdu, and their sizzling spicy intestines capture the authentic flavors of the city.

Pork Intestine and Bean Soup Rice

Sichuan-style Intestine and Bean Soup Rice is a popular and affordable local dish with a traditional Chengdu flavor. It consists of beans and rice cooked in the rich broth of stewed intestines. It has been served for decades at the famous "Fly Restaurant," a renowned old establishment in Chengdu specializing in intestines. The signature dishes are Bean Soup Rice and various types of cold tossed dishes, which should not be missed.

Dip the water-rich intestine in the sauce

Sichuan people eat pig intestines in various ways, not just spicy. Another way is to cook pig intestines with vegetables in a clear broth, and then serve it with a plate of seasoned bean paste as a dipping sauce. It is very appetizing. San San Zhan Shui Pig Intestine is a popular pig intestine restaurant located in the community. You can give it a try.