Three Chengdu restaurants that are delicious, visually appealing, and fun

Many people come to the Land of Abundance for food. Besides the well-known restaurants, are there any restaurants that are delicious, beautiful, and fun to visit? Let's take a look together.

Niudengying Private Kitchen Old-style Hot Pot

This family-style hot pot is well-known and located on Paulownia Tree Street in Chengdu. The restaurant's decoration gives people a homely feeling. The dishes here are excellent and the soup base is also delicious.

Cooking over a fire

Pizza, hot pot, and barbecue are all available. This hidden shop in the alley may not have many people outside, but it is crowded once you step inside. Are all the people there to taste the delicious food? They have a wide variety of dishes, including pizza, hot pot, barbecue, cold dishes, dry pot, and braised pork brain, and the taste is also good.

Chicken fight rice field partner (New City Square branch)

Cockfighting rice field companion, an experience of visual and taste enjoyment. This is a place where only chicken is eaten. Just the chicken feet alone come in many different ways of eating, each with its own unique taste. Whether it is spicy or a little light, you can find satisfaction here.