What other hidden niche activities are there on the Qinggan Grand Loop? Check here!

In addition to popular attractions such as Mount Riyue and Crescent Spring, there are also hidden small attractions along the Grand Loop. Follow me and let's check them out together.

La Ji Mountain

La Ji Mountain is located on the east side of S101 Road, north of Zaha Highway. During the loop trip, there are usually two options after leaving Tashilhunpo Monastery, which are visiting Riyue Mountain Daxiang River or La Ji Mountain. Compared to Riyue Mountain Daxiang River, La Ji Mountain is less famous, but its scenery is even more stunning, and there is no entrance fee for La Ji Mountain. Daxiang River is a less significant spot in the entire trip, so it is better to choose the route that goes directly through La Ji Mountain, which is great for both taking photos and enjoying the view.

Yueyaquan Town

The Yuanyang Spring town is located at the foot of the Mingsha Mountain Crescent Spring, less than 1 kilometer away from the tourist attraction. Some tourists who take the grand loop tour may choose to return directly to their accommodations outside the scenic area, missing out on this place. Here, you can experience the architectural style of ancient Northwestern China, witness the ancient Northwestern culture, and enjoy some local delicacies. The food here is even better and more affordable than the Shazhou Night Market, making it a better alternative and choice.

Yi Glacier

The Bayi Glacier is located in Qilian Yellowstone Township and is the most beautiful glacier scenery in Qinghai and Gansu. The entrance to this scenic area is limited by time, usually better to visit in spring or autumn. The glacier scenery may change in summer. There are rumors online that you need to go to the tourist bureau to obtain permits, but in fact, you can enter directly without permits, just find a local driver to guide you. If you plan to visit Bayi Glacier, you should add a whole day to your itinerary to fully enjoy it.

Heiquan Reservoir

Heiquan Reservoir is located next to Baoku Township, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County, Qinghai Province, along National Highway 227. It is the source of urban water supply for the people in Xining. The reservoir has pleasant surroundings, with mysterious sunset rays and a naturally eroded Maitreya Buddha statue. It is one of the attractions along the northern route of Qinghai tourism. Across Daban Mountain is Menyuan County, which boasts a hundred miles of flower fields.