Surrounding must-visit water-themed hotel, average cost per person starts from ¥200+ similar to popular spots on Little Red Book, great for taking kids for summer getaways

Summer is getting hotter, and it's time to find a cool secret place~ Xiaoyou brings you a must-visit water-themed hotel around Guangdong during the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, where you can check in and become popular on Little Red Book. The "Little Venice" vacation starts as low as ¥200+ per person!

Zengcheng Forest Sea Resort Hotel

2020 brand new divine parent-child hotel with stunning appearance, located next to the "Forest Sea" and Bai Shui Village, offering breathtaking views right outside the window; equipped with individual dual hot tubs in winter and a water park in summer, numerous new attractions that will surely go viral on social media! A brand new hot spring hotel with season-long water activities and unique water surroundings, boasting 341 luxurious and comfortable rooms, each equipped with a hot spring bath. Some rooms also have direct access to the garden swimming pool, allowing guests to enjoy water activities up close at any time of the day.

The Bao Dun Lake Hot Spring Town in Yingde

The swimming lane is 1.3 kilometers long, 4.2 meters wide, and 1.2 meters deep. Adults who can't swim have no pressure; the swimming lane leads directly to the water park, making it the most suitable place for taking children out to play in the water for a vacation! What makes the Yingde Lake Mountain Resort unique is that all the villas are built next to the swimming lane, and the balcony makes it easy to jump into the pool lane.

Huizhou Intercontinental Resort

Here is a top-notch palace-style garden hot spring, a super large parent-child water park, and super five-star cuisine; it was once selected as one of the 100 most beautiful resorts in China, and it only takes 2 hours to reach from Guangzhou! From the overall 'Little Bali' garden style of the hotel to the small elements of the design itself, every detail exudes a luxurious atmosphere~

Yunfu · Yuetianxia

In the past two years, a newly opened hot spring hotel with new facilities and swimming lanes. The water is especially clean. The swimming lane is 400m long and 5m wide. There are gentle water platforms from the rooms to the swimming lanes. It is very family-friendly. The outdoor water swimming lane spans through the villas. The villa's back garden opens to the shore, accompanied by flowers, plants, and trees. In the resort, there are insects chirping and birds singing, allowing families to have fun and enjoy the joy of vacation.

Yingde, Baoling Palace Swan Lake

The hotel has a huge lakeside infinity pool of 3800 square meters, which seems to be connected to the Swan Lake! There is an officially certified real hot spring in the hotel, as well as a brand new Swan Castle children's adventure tribe, making it easy to take the kids out! In addition to the lakeside super large infinity pool, the hotel also has a unique tea hot spring, surrounded by peaks and forests by the Swan Lake, with 38 uniquely designed outdoor hot spring pools, cleverly separated by flowers, grass and bamboo forests, making them private and quiet.

Huizhou · Golden Bay Jiahua

Surrounded by mountains and accompanied by the sea, there is an exclusive private beach and a secluded valley with a rejuvenating hot spring. With a high score of 4.8, it is one of the best-rated family hotels in Xunliao Bay. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the beachfront infinity pool. There is also the highest-quality coastal radon hot spring in the South, where you can relax in the unique seaside mineral bath and listen to the melody of the waves.