Recommended places for a summer self-driving getaway in July throughout the country include:

Although Sichuan has a beach recently, many places are still hot and humid. Today, I recommend the most beautiful summer resorts in China in July and August. It is said that the average temperature is only 19°C - 25°C. Let's all go together during the summer vacation!


Wooden Ge Lake - 318 line snow mountain grassland flower sea lake viewing area. Kangding Love Song (Wooden Ge Lake) Scenic Area has always been known as the "318 Sichuan-Tibet line snow mountain grassland flower sea lake viewing area". When the city enters the "steaming sauna mode" in July and August, this is the best summer resort.
Shangri-La is the closest place to heaven. In people's hearts, Shangri-La should be visited in July and August, because this is when the mountains are full of blooming azaleas, and there is no shortage of lakes, wetlands, forests, meadows, valleys, streams, and rare flora and fauna! When the azure sky is reflected in the water, when the green water grass sways in the wind, it gives an absolute feeling of a paradise, and just looking at the pictures makes you feel much cooler! The azaleas in the bushes bloom in clusters, adding a different color to the lush mountains.


Southeast Guizhou - colorful Guizhou, half-price tour. When you come to Southeast Guizhou, you will find that the weather here is like natural air conditioning; the beautiful mountains and rivers, and the gathering place of many ethnic groups will make you feel a different cultural charm. Whether it's the Diaojiaolou built on the mountains in Xijiang Qianhu Miao Village, or the quiet Dong village in the early morning, or the colorful lights when night falls in the ancient town, they can all make you feel like you're in a different world.

Qinghai Lake

When it comes to Qinghai Lake, it is magnificent and delicate. You can either stride forward boldly or sit down facing the lake, contemplating and daydreaming. In July, Qinghai Lake is cool and refreshing in the morning, with rapeseed flowers and Tibetan wildflowers competing for beauty. The green fields, yellow flowers, blue lake, and white clouds are incredibly beautiful. The vast lake, as vast as the sea, merges with the sky, and occasionally a few egrets fly by, creating a peaceful scene.

Xiapu, Fujian

Fujian Xiapu - a painting-like scene. It has the most beautiful coastline in China and is the top ten scenic photography holy land in China. It is surrounded by mountains and seas, with beautiful scenery and pleasant climate. It is known as the land of fish and rice and the beauty of Zoulu by the seaside. In pleasant July, you can take photos of the charming tides in Xiaopu Xiaohao Bay; experience the bamboo raft drifting in Yangjiaxi, like flowing clouds and water; or shuttle in the time and space of the more than 700-year-old Dajing ancient castle...

Yandang Mountain

Yandang Mountain is the best in the world and a famous mountain on the sea. Yandang Mountain, historically known as the 'number one mountain in the southeast', is known as the 'famous mountain on the sea'. Stretching for hundreds of kilometers, the three scenic areas of Lingfeng, Lingyan, and Dalongqiao are the 'three best' of Yandang Mountain. With overlapping mountains and soaring waterfalls, the picturesque scenery of Yanhu, the magnificent and spectacular Xianshengmen, the fairyland of Xianqiao, and the Taoist culture of Yangjiaodong... it is definitely an excellent place for summer leisure travel.
Located in the northwest of Chaidan Town, Da Qaidam Administrative Committee, Haixi Prefecture, Qinghai Province, about ten kilometers away, it is the sky mirror comparable to Chaka Salt Lake, with black and brown land, yellow and white salt crystals, green and blue lake water, like several fractured emeralds attracting attention.

Chengde Mountain Resort

Chengde Mountain Resort - the royal villa for summer retreat. When it comes to summer retreat, the prestigious Chengde Mountain Resort takes the crown. After all, it took 89 years to build this imperial palace garden, also known as the Rehe Summer Palace. In July and August, the ponds are filled with lotus flowers that bloom until the end of September. The lotus flowers in the resort are different from those in other regions as they bloom early and wither late, making them particularly worth seeing.