Kangding Travel Adventure

2 cities | 5 attraction(s) | total distance 169 km
Kangding, check-in, travel along the Sichuan-Tibet throat, experience the ancient town of the Tea Horse Road, the intersection of Tibetan and Han cultures.

Day1: Ya'an

2 attraction(s) · 1 km
The Bifeng Gorge Scenic Area consists of two canyons, with the left canyon stretching 7 kilometers and the right canyon stretching 6 kilometers. The canyons form a V-shape and make up a closed-loop scenic area for visitors to explore. The canyons range in width from 30 to 70 meters, with elevations between 700 to 1971 meters and canyon walls towering 100 to 200 meters high. The contrasting peaks of Qinfeng create a beautiful and elegant landscape, making it the perfect place for leisure vacations and cool summer retreats.

Day2: Garze

3 attraction(s) · 169 km
Walk through the Tower Public Grassland, experience the style of Tibetan countryside.
92 km
77 km