Kangding self-driving Gongga Mountain route attractions

Kangding, a historic and cultural city renowned worldwide; a majestic mountain that is famous in five continents; a song called "Kangding Love Song" that is a timeless classic, captivating people around the world.


Kangding, a famous historical and cultural city; a running horse mountain, renowned across five continents; the song "Kangding Love Song" is an eternal masterpiece, admired by people all over the world. Best travel time: In fact, Kangding has its own beauty in every season, but relatively speaking, May to October is the peak tourist season in Kangding.

Dujian Gorge

Dujian Gorge is a gorgeous belt in the Hengxi Mugesi Scenic Area. It is connected to the Seven Color Sea in the east and the Wild Man Sea in the west, with a length of 6 kilometers. In the gorge, the streams sometimes rush and sometimes flow gently, with sparkling water droplets and jade-like splashes. The lush forests on both sides of the stream, especially the primitive rhododendron forest, are particularly eye-catching.

Honghaizi Gou

Honghaizi, a small island embedded in a mirror. Few people know about Honghaizi in Kangding. It is located on the newly built tourist loop from Mugecuo to Tagong, behind Kangding Airport in Zheduo Mountain.
Tagong Temple is a famous Sakya sect (also known as Flower Teachings) temple in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. It has a history of over a thousand years and is an important place of worship for Tibetan people in the Kham region. Along with Yaqing Temple and Larung Gar (Seda Buddhist Institute), Tagong Temple is well-known for being a large and influential temple in Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture.


Yaha Scenic Area is located in Jiagenba Township and Gongga Mountain Township, Kangding County, Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. The scenic area consists of four sub-areas: Yalonggou Quanhua Beach, Yaha Pass Gongga Mountain Viewpoint, Yulongxi Grassland, and Yulongxi Quanhua Pool, with a total area of 150 square kilometers and a core area of approximately 30 to 35 square kilometers. The entrance of the scenic area, Qika Village, is also an important part of the famous scenic spot - "Xinduqiao Photography Paradise".


Zimeiyakou is located in Gongga Township, Kangding City, Garze Prefecture, with an elevation of 4500 meters. It is a great place to have a close view of the majestic Gongga Snow Mountain. This attraction is open all day and does not require an entrance fee.
The Shangmuju Village is located in Kangding City, Ganzi Prefecture, Sichuan Province. It is the starting point for the famous Zimeiyakou mountain climbing route to Mount Gongga. The village is quaint and peaceful, with simple and friendly villagers. It is an excellent location for watching Mount Gongga. In front of the village, there is only a swift small river, and the pebble road next to the river is the climbing path to Mount Gongga. Many outdoor enthusiasts who go to Mount Gongga for outdoor activities choose to stay in Shangmuju Village for a night's rest and replenishing supplies.

Quanhua Beach

In a little corner of Sichuan, there is a tranquil beauty that is little known to the world. Because it is rarely disturbed by visitors, it has retained its serene atmosphere for decades and centuries, just like Huanglong, without any less splendor. This beautiful scenery is located in Quanhua Beach, Yulongxi Village, Gongga Mountain Township (formerly Liuba Township) in Kangding City, on the western slope of Mount Gongga.

Jiagenba Town

Jiagenba is a place name located in the Gongga Mountain area of Kangding County. There is a vast field there. Every March, the ice and snow still cover it thickly. Therefore, a group of off-road and modified car enthusiasts from Chengdu decided to go there to experience the joy of driving in the high mountains and snow. Moreover, on the snow mountain ridge there, they can also enjoy the magnificent figure of the king of Shu Mountain - the main peak of Gongga.

Xinduqiao Town

New Duqiao Township is located at the intersection of north and south forks of National Highway 318 Sichuan-Tibet Line. It boasts beautiful scenery, mystical light, vast grasslands, winding streams, golden poplars and willows, undulating mountains, well-arranged Tibetan villages, and scattered herds of cattle and sheep. It attracts tourists and photography enthusiasts from all over the world and is known as the "world of light and shadow" and the "paradise for photographers".
Zheduo Mountain is located in the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, with an altitude of 4298 meters. It is the first pass of Kham. Zheduo Mountain is also an important geographical boundary, with the plateau uplift zone to the west, including the Yalong River, and the high mountain canyon zone to the right, including the Dadu River. The Dadu River basin is a transitional zone in terms of ethnic and cultural forms, mainly inhabited by the Jiarong Tibetan sub-lineage.