Powerful fan base! Six extremely popular seafood restaurants in Shenzhen, with a delicious and fragrant variety of dishes

Shenzhen hides many delicious seafood dishes. These 6 restaurants in Shenzhen will fulfill your seafood eating dream! Hurry up and set off!

7 Pier Shrimp Restaurant

A popular seafood restaurant in Shenzhen, located just across from the Starbucks in Xihui City. You can also go shrimp fishing here, and the restaurant can help with seafood processing, such as steaming, salt and pepper, and thirteen-spice.

Jiangwei Lobster Restaurant

One of the must-try dishes at a popular upscale lobster restaurant in Shenzhen is unexpectedly stinky tofu, with crispy skin and filled with flavorful soup.

Deji roasted meats

If you want to eat affordable and delicious seafood in Shenzhen, you must visit Shekou Market! They have a wide variety of seafood, and it's very fresh. You can indulge in seafood for just 100 yuan!

Third floor Dim Sum and Seafood Beef Hotpot

This seafood hotpot restaurant is located in the shopping park. The decoration style is particularly nostalgic, and there will be old Cantonese songs playing in the store, giving a feeling of being in a tea restaurant.

Shennan Jiuyue Seafood BBQ Music Bar

A cool seafood restaurant in Shenzhen, where you can enjoy barbecue seafood and music at the same time. The interior decoration is unique, and the live singer sings very well. Enjoy!

Strong Memory Seafood Restaurant

The location of the store is a bit difficult to find, it is on the first floor of the International Plaza. The environment is nice, with simple and elegant decoration, and it looks very comfortable.