New way to eat Changfen in Shenzhen, 8 new Changfen shops

Shenzhen Cheung Fun menu, 8 new ways to eat Cheung Fun, lobster Cheung Fun | pickled fish Cheung Fun | mixed sauce pork Cheung Fun, have you tried them all?

Huiji Grilled Seafood

Seafood rice noodle rolls are served every night at 9:30 pm. There are also abalone rice noodle rolls and geoduck rice noodle rolls, all of which are very filling. The lobster rice noodle roll is priced at 144 yuan per serving and the price varies with the seafood market. There are also many seafood options to choose from. Remember to make a reservation in advance if you want to eat.

Hong Kong-style snack shop

This "Hong Kong-style snack shop" that has been operating for 22 years at Sha Tau Kok with a pushcart has recently opened a new store in Futian, so there is no longer a need to drive specifically to eat their famous "Sha Tau Kok Three Treasures," one of which is rice noodle rolls.

Huangli Ji Yangjiang Rice Noodles

This small store in Yangjiang has been open for 8 years on Snake Mouth Old Street, specializing in a Yangjiang snack called "Zhu Chang Lu." It is named after its round and "rolling" appearance, resembling pig intestines.

Sun Kee Cheong Fun King

This cheung fun (rice noodle roll) shop located in Shangmeilin New Village is ranked 1st on Dianping's "Meilin Congee and Rice Noodle Roll Taste Ranking." During this special period, many small shops in the village have closed, but the owner still insists on keeping the shop open, so that the nearby residents can enjoy cheung fun every day.

Lao Liu Rice Roll

Recently there has been a popular type of rice noodle roll, which I used to often eat from a food cart near the school gate when I was a child. It has many names, such as Kirin rice noodle roll, Braupa rice noodle roll, Hakka rice noodle roll, and Xiaochangfen, but there is no precise terminology.

Fujihara Cheung Fun Shop

This shop is designed with the theme of the classic Japanese manga "Initial D", with a high level of simulation and meticulous attention to detail in the shop. There are many hidden easter eggs related to Japanese anime, and the displayed figurines are all personally collected by the owner.

Salted Fish Rice Noodle in Lao Difang

When it comes to rice noodle rolls, people always think of "Cheung Fun Street" in Yantian. "Yantian Rice Noodle Rolls," which operates all day, is the most popular rice noodle roll shop here, and many people specifically come here by car to eat.