Mouth-watering! These 6 restaurants in Luohu have amazing reputations and exceptional flavors

After a busy day of work, I believe everyone wants to find a quiet and delicious restaurant, invite friends, and spend a relaxed mealtime. In Luohu, there are indeed quite a few restaurants like this.

Mr. Mo Ning

A shop in Luohu offers a delicious breakfast. The interior decoration is elegant and the hanging light bulbs throughout the shop twinkle like stars in the night, creating a romantic atmosphere.

Live Eel Sake Rice Field Japanese Cuisine

A popular eel restaurant in Luohu, where the eels are fresh and killed on the spot, providing a fresh and crispy texture that is more chewy than frozen eels.

One Chopstick Interval: Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup

A shop decorated mainly in white and gray, with a simple and elegant layout, full of artistic atmosphere. The food inside is cheap and affordable, very friendly to the people.

Those who eat vegetables

I ate too much meat and wanted something different, so I went to a vegetarian restaurant in Luohu District. It is healthy and has unique dishes. They only offer six vegetarian set meals, each consisting of a main dish, salad, and fruit juice.

Gauss Ice House

This restaurant offers a wide variety of dishes, suitable for friends with different tastes to have a meal together. It has everything from set meals, salads, low-fat meals, to desserts.

Yamahe Tian Japanese Cuisine

A shop that excels in desserts and Japanese cuisine, with a small and exquisite interior decoration. Must try their signature souffle, which has a super soft and fluffy texture, filled with rich egg flavor and a slightly crispy outer layer that melts in your mouth.