Shenzhen Bar "Tipsy" Guide

Recommendation of 21 open bars in Shenzhen. In the evening, a little tipsy "sense of ceremony" is needed!

THE COMPASS BAR BY CURATOR - A high-altitude bar with no signboard

The Compass Bar is hidden on the 40th floor of the Imperial V Hotel, a bar with no signage and only known to regular customers. Slowly pushing open the black wooden door, choose a seat by the window, have a drink, and enjoy the panoramic view of Shenzhen at night. Compass follows the style of underground boutique bars in New York, with a menu that changes with the seasons. You can try the signature "Hemingway Series". Recommended signature dishes: Hemingway Series, Truffle Sweet Potato Fries.

WHISKY LIFE - An English whisky bar for the detail-oriented

Whishky Life, classical British-style decoration, teak bar, teak table, gold Glenfiddich logo. There is a dress hanging in the store, which is the dress worn by the founder of Whisky Life when he was awarded the "The Keepers of the Quaich" honorary membership. The store mainly serves Scottish whisky, but you can also communicate with the bartender to customize cocktails according to your taste. The music in the Luohu store is timeless jazz, which complements the whisky without being overly noisy under dim lighting. Recommended signatures: classical cocktail series, Balvenie 21-year-old, Old Fashioned.

A01 - Rare Gin Bar in Shenzhen

A01 is an old bar in Shenzhen, and it is also one of the few Gin Bars in Shenzhen. It has a large stock of gin with a wide variety. In addition to classic cocktails, there are also many creative cocktails here, such as Zero Gravity Gin Tonic, Pig's Foot Ginger, Not Your Cup of Tea, etc. BTW, the snacks here are also amazing. It's easy to accidentally overeat while enjoying drinks. Recommended signature drinks: Zero Gravity Gin Tonic, Pig's Foot Ginger, Not Your Cup of Tea, Invisible Diamond.

Birdsawa - CBD Japanese Yakitori Izakaya

Birdzawa, located in the city center, is a modern bar specializing in Japanese-style grilled chicken and SAWA sake. Their most popular menu item is the Momo Highball, made with Momo grape liqueur, Amemura tequila, and soda water, which is suitable for those who are not accustomed to strong alcohol. Birdzawa is not a large store, with just over ten tables. After work, stepping into the store, enjoying a glass of SAWA and a sizzling grilled chicken, is a busy yet soothing urban life. Recommended signature dishes: Plum Shiso Chicken Thigh and Momo Highball.

BAR·ROOM is a cocktail bar that creates its own comics

BAR ROOM is a newly opened bar at the end of 19th year, which occasionally creates its own comics. The owner of the bar, Adam, won the championship of CAMUS in 2018 in China and was awarded as the Best Bartender of the Year. The cocktails at BAR ROOM are divided into five series. The "New World Cocktail" series uses the concept of molecular gastronomy and black technology to make different flavored base spirits using infusion devices. They also serve 6 boxed cocktails, which are vacuum-sealed to preserve the flavors and can be taken home. Recommended signature cocktails: Old Smoke Gun, Lion Awake, Van Gogh's Fantasy, and The Long Night.

Hello Friends Whisky and Cocktails Detached glass cabin

Ciao is an independent glass cabin bar, with a 5-meter high golden liquor wall that reaches the ceiling, forming an arc at the top, becoming the focal point of the cabin. Master mixologist Sam has proficient working flair and can chat with you about everything cocktail-related while sitting at the bar. Sam thinks that if he were to describe Shenzhen with a fruit, lychee would be the most appropriate choice. You can try the signature cocktail Lychee City in the bar. Recommendations: Lychee City, BergaGin, Carrot Trow.

The bar hidden behind the secret door of The PEAT Café

The PEAT has two stores in Shenzhen, located in Futian Chegongmiao and Nanshan Overseas Chinese Town. The Nanshan store appears to be a coffee shop, but by pressing a mechanism on the wall, you can access the hidden whisky bar. The bar offers over 500 varieties of whisky and specializes in cocktails made with Peat whisky. Recommended signature cocktails include latte, green apple soda, mojito, and passion summer.

Mokihi--Vintage antique cocktail bar

Mokihi is one of the first boutique cocktail bars in Shenzhen, with two stores located in Nanshan and Futian. The interior of the store in MixC World is retro-themed, featuring antique lamps from old Shanghai and some imported from the United States. Signature recommendations: Wine&berry mojito, Roman ruins, Perfume Cocktail.

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