Fushun - Selected popular tourist attractions

"Within Fushun, there are attractions such as the "Liaoning Roof" Gangshan with an elevation of 1374 meters, the "Liaodong Sacred Tree" Chisong King with a tree age of 1300 years, the natural wonder stone - Qingshi Buddha Temple, as well as five national forest parks including Sandie Stone, Monkey Stone, Honghe Valley, Marshals' Forest, and Hemu Forest Farm. These form the natural oxygen bar of Fushun and even Liaoning. There is also the West Opencast Mine with over 100 years of mining history, the world's only vertical coal mine shaft - Longfeng Mine Shaft, and the Fushun Coal Museum, which together make up the black journey of exploring Fushun's coal mining history. There are also three national patriotism education bases - Fushun Lei Feng Memorial Hall, Fushun Pingdingshan Tragedy Memorial Hall, and Fushun War Criminals Management Site. The Fushun Ice and Snow Festival, held for two consecutive years, has attracted tourists from all over the province. The New Bin Winter Fishing Festival, which is full of ethnic Manchu characteristics, combines winter fishing with Manchu folk customs, including Shaman Water God, Winter Fishing Dragging Net, Head Fish Auction, Ice Skating, and Ice Fishing, allowing visitors to experience the charm of Fushun's white tourism."

Royal Ocean Park

Fushun Gaowan Economic Development Zone located at the junction of Shenyang and Fushun, only 20 minutes' drive from downtown Shenyang. The Royal Ocean Park is divided into several themed areas such as Royal Arctic Ocean World, Century Jungle, Hawaiian Beach Surfing Area, Hawaiian Happy Island, and Sea God Park. In the Arctic Ocean World, you can explore the Amazon, sharks, the Great Barrier Reef, and the four major theme tunnels of marine creatures. You can also see polar bears that love to eat apples, walruses that love to suck fingers, gentlemanly penguins, fierce piranhas, rare fish in the deep sea, and interact closely with rare marine creatures such as joyful dolphins and playful belugas. In the Century Jungle area, there are mysterious land and marine civilizations, with over 100 rare reptiles, including China's long dinosaur bones, swamp killers, and auspicious golden pythons. Scenes such as the Egyptian pharaoh, pyramids, and mysterious mummies will take you to visit the mysterious land of ancient Egypt.
Located in Xingbin Manchu Autonomous County, Fushun City, Liaoning Province, the Hetu Alar City faces the world cultural heritage site Qingyongling across the sea. It has convenient travel transportation, beautiful scenery, Manchu song and dance performances throughout the year, traditional Manchu cuisine, and local specialty products and tourist souvenirs. The ancient buildings with green bricks and tiles are unique under the towering ancient elm trees. The rich Manchu song and dance performances are colorful and lively, showing the grand scenes of Nurhaci's coronation and the royal style. In the Manchu Cultural Park, there are scenic lakes and mountains, fish playing in the water, religious activity areas with morning bells and evening drums, a historical and cultural corridor showcasing the rise of the Qing Dynasty, and a Manchu folk customs museum displaying Manchu folk culture. The unique historical sites and beautiful natural landscapes make the scenic area a combination of scenic spots, cultural landscapes, tourism resorts, sightseeing, water recreation, theme parks, and artificial landscapes, and it enjoys a prestigious status in the history of the Qing Dynasty.

Monkey Stone National Forest Park

Hou Shi Forest Park is located in Muxi Town, southwest of Xinbin County, Fushun City, 60 kilometers away from Xinbin County. The mountains here are an extension of the Longgangshan branch of the Changbai Mountain Range. After long-term weathering and frost weathering, the mountain formed a variety of geological wonders. At the center of Hou Shi Forest Park, there is a natural giant rock that resembles a "Golden Monkey Admiring the Moon" standing on the peak, hence the name. The park is full of strange rocks, with the highest peak at an altitude of 962 meters. There are more than 40 rock landscapes in the park, including Stone Monkey Greeting Spring, Forest and Sea Boating, Camel Looking Back, Mountain Peaks Competing, Waterfall Rocks, Listening to Springs on Lying Stones, Cloud Column Hazardous Peaks, Bajie Stone, Qi Yun Stone, Tiancheng Maitreya Buddha, Buddha Viewing Platform, Ruyi Divine Turtle, and Jia Bian Stone, all showcasing the beauty of the rock formations. The park is home to a wide variety of plants and animals, with different scenery in every season. The forest park has fresh air and pleasant scenery, and there are not many visitors on weekdays, making the whole environment appear pristine. The park consists of a mountain gate, tourist service area, mountain peak scenic area, Zuyun Feng scenic area, Foding scenic area, and primitive forest scenic area. There are also facilities such as wooden cabin resorts, song and dance restaurants, picnic areas, hotels, and shopping centers.
Situated at No. 61 Dongduan Heping Road, Wanghua District, Fushun City, it is a nationally protected memorial building for martyrs and one of the few large-scale memorial halls built for an ordinary soldier in the world. In Fushun, people can work, live, and make sacrifices. The main memorial buildings for martyrs include the Lei Feng Monument, Lei Feng Statue, Lei Feng Mausoleum, and Lei Feng Exhibition Hall. The Lei Feng Memorial Hall houses over 400 artifacts, including relics, photographs, and other items belonging to Lei Feng.

Red River Valley drift

Located in Honghe Valley National Forest Park, Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County, Fushun City, the Honghe Valley Drifting Scenic Area is a famous drifting destination known as the "first drift in northern China". The 25-kilometer-long Honghe Grand Canyon features towering peaks and cliffs on both sides, allowing visitors to admire the beautiful scenery while experiencing the excitement of the river's rapid currents. The entire Honghe Drift is 12.8 kilometers long and takes about 3 hours. Each raft can accommodate 4-6 people. It is a primitive drifting area with high mountain canyons and dense forests, with various peculiar rocks and peaks scattered throughout. The drifting area is about 20-50 meters wide, with shallow water and small drops, featuring 20 sections of slow and rapid currents. The scenic area also offers free water gun rentals, allowing visitors to engage in water battles with others during the drift, adding to the fun. The Honghe Valley Drifting is located in the original forest area of the Yumai of Changbai Mountain. After years of river cutting, it has formed a "U" shaped canyon and is known as the "Little Three Gorges of the Northeast". The water in the valley is clear and the forests on both sides are lush.