Take a photo at Benxi Water Cave and experience the magical Guqin Frost

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Winter memories are always colored by pristine white snowflakes. It seems that as soon as winter arrives, the whole world becomes immersed in a vast expanse of white, with a terrifying silence surrounding us. The flowers, grass, and birds all seem to be asleep. The fields, rooftops, and tree branches are covered with a thick layer of snow, completely sealing everything off. During childhood, we spent the entire day playing with snow, enjoying its endless joy. But if there were no snow in winter, what else could we play with? The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region is currently facing this awkward situation - it's cold outside, but no snow has fallen yet. I've carefully planned my first winter trip, heading north to explore a destination I've never been to before - Benxi, Liaoning. I'm searching for the most beautiful, warmest, and most interesting winter experience.

Day1: Benxi

2 attraction(s) · 61 km
61 km

Day2: Benxi

4 attraction(s) · 160 km
After enjoying the ancient qinhu lake mist scenery, which is silver-wrapped, staying outside for a long time made us feel chilly, so we couldn't wait to enter the Shuidong Scenic Area in Benxi. The Benxi Water Cave has been certified by the world organization as the "longest underground river scenic area for continuous boat tours in the world," which is not just talk. The Benxi Water Cave belongs to typical high-latitude karst landform, which was formed by large limestone-filled water-soluble caves four to five hundred thousand years ago, with two separate caves inside, one for water and the other for dryness. The tour guide first took us into the dry cave, where the temperature is constant at 12℃ throughout the year, and there is no severe cold in winter or scorching heat in summer, and after walking into the cave, we didn't feel so cold anymore.
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Day3: Benxi

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I learned a lot of new knowledge about petrified wood by touring the petrified wood park. As I entered the park, what caught my eye first was a tall and spectacular petrified wood measuring 14.7 meters in height and 1.5 meters in diameter, known as the "king of petrified wood," which is the tallest petrified wood in the world so far. The famous abbot of Guangyou Temple, venerable Master Chuan Chi, was also amazed by such a magnificent petrified wood and happily wrote the two characters "awakening realm" with a powerful stroke of his brush, adding a strong cultural color to petrified wood.