What to eat in Chengdu? 5 must-visit food recommendations

In Chengdu, where "eating" has already penetrated every aspect of the city, there are many must-try delicacies. Here are a few recommendations for everyone to visit.

Red Apricot Restaurant

Red Apricot Restaurant in Chengdu is well-known among the locals. Sometimes, there may be a situation where a highly reputed place turns out to be disappointing, but Red Apricot Restaurant is definitely not on that list. It is hard to find any dish that is not delicious there. Many people even compare it to their own family restaurant and come here to satisfy their Sichuan cuisine cravings.

King prawn

Crayfish is a must-have late-night snack for people across the country. As one of the top crayfish restaurants in Chengdu, King Crayfish lives up to its name, offering boldly flavored dishes such as a four-layer luxury crayfish tower, steamed or dipped crayfish, garlic butter shrimp, and braised shrimp. It also comes with a variety of seafood options at the bottom, including scallops, oysters, clams, and squids, allowing you to enjoy a satisfying meal all at once.

Bashu Mansion Hot Pot

How can you come to Chengdu without trying the spicy and delicious hotpot? There are hotpot restaurants everywhere in Chengdu, and today I'll recommend one that always has a long queue - Bashu Dazhai. Their hotpot base is extremely spicy and satisfying, especially their signature beef and butter hotpot, it's only available there! What's even better is that they have specially customized long chopsticks to prevent getting scalded by splattering hot oil while cooking.

Wugang Factory, District 5, small county liver skewers are fragrant

Chengdu has many Chuan Chuan Xiang (spicy skewers) restaurants, and one of the most representative ones is Xiaojun's Chuan Chuan Xiang in the 5th district of the Steel Pipe Factory. The dishes are always fresh, with a variety of options including different types of liver, meat, and tripe. It's delicious and safe to eat.

Yan Iron Burn

Not exactly a local delicacy in Chengdu, but it's irresistibly delicious. The meat is fresh and the taste is great. You should definitely give it a try if you're nearby.