Come to Enshi in Hubei to experience the beauty of nature and the Tujia and Miao ethnic groups

Enshi, Hubei, as an autonomous prefecture of the Tujia and Miao ethnic groups, has a rich natural and cultural heritage. For tourists who enjoy in-depth travel experiences, Enshi is a must-visit destination. So, how can you fully immerse yourself in Enshi and have a great time on your first visit? Let me introduce to you how to have an authentic experience in Enshi.

Enshi is a place where ethnic minorities gather, and it is inevitably rich in folk and historical sites. Tusi City is the first scenic area to introduce. Originating from the Tusi system, Tusi City is a testament to the long history of the Tujia ethnic group. Enshi is the cradle of the Ba people's culture, and the Ba people worship the White Tiger, which embodies the spirit of bravery and the tribe's qualities of perseverance, strength, and generosity. The White Tiger originates from the transformation of the deceased Tujia leader, who is believed to have become the White Tiger after death. The descendants of the Tujia leader are the Tujia ethnic group, so the Tusi City has a Lijun Temple dedicated to the worship of the White Tiger.

Tujia Daughter's Town

Men in the world are not trustworthy, but the first city of daughters is renowned. When visiting the Daughter's City, our goals are twofold: first, to taste the special local cuisine of Enshi, and second, to experience the culture of the Tujia ethnic group. The delicacies of Daughter's City can be found on the snack street, which gathers various local snacks from the eight counties and cities of Enshi, including Enshi oil fragrance, Tujia corn cakes, Enshi bean skin, Jianshi pancakes, Tujia fragrant cakes, and more. If you want to try Changsha stinky tofu or Shaanxi roujiamo, you can also find them here. As for the local culture, "Gan Chang Xiang Qin • Daughter's Gathering" is the highlight.
Tenglong Cave belongs to a national geological park, located in Lichuan City. It is a combination of mountains, water, caves, and forests. It was once rated as the "most beautiful place in China" by the Chinese National Geographic magazine. It is the largest cave in China, with vastness that makes you unaware of the closed feeling typically associated with caves; even helicopters can enter. Tenglong Cave not only offers laser performances but also large-scale scenic song and dance shows. Watching a live light effects performance in the dim cave is a rare and unique experience.

Enshi Grand Canyon

Enshi Grand Canyon is a landmark attraction in Enshi, similar to Huangshan in Anhui and the Terracotta Army in Shaanxi. This Grand Canyon is the symbol of Enshi and is comparable to the Grand Canyon in the United States.

Suobuya Stone Forest Scenic Area

There are four small scenic areas in the Suobuya Stone Forest, namely Qinglong Temple, Lianhua Village, Mozigou, and Jiulonghui. There is a shuttle bus (30 yuan) in the scenic area that takes tourists to Qinglong Temple, Lianhua Village, Mozigou, and Jiulonghui in sequence. After visiting each scenic spot, tourists can wait for the shuttle bus to arrive at their location and take it to the next scenic area.

Enshi Wild Three Gorges Tourist Area

The main attractions in the Yexia Three Gorges Scenic Area are the Huanghe Bridge Peak Forest Gorge Scenic Area and the Qingjiang Grand Canyon Scenic Area. The two areas, with their mountains and rivers, are simply a perfect match.