Zhangjiajie Classic 3 Days Tour

1 cities | 12 attraction(s) | total distance 116 km
When you come to Zhangjiajie, besides the beautiful scenery, the food, accommodation, transportation, and attractions in this city are all worth experiencing. This itinerary is recommended for all friends who come for an in-depth tour of Zhangjiajie.

Day1: Zhangjiajie

4 attraction(s) · 42 km
Depart from the Zhangjiajie city to Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, arrive at Yuanjiajie Scenic Area, and see the filming location of the movie "Avatar," including the Pillar of Heaven and the First Bridge in the World. Afterwards, take an eco-friendly car to Yangjiajie Scenic Area to see natural scenery such as the Natural Great Wall, and have lunch before heading to Tianzishan Scenic Area to see unique karst landforms in Zhangjiajie, including the Stone Forest in Western Sea and Fairy Scattering Flowers.
7 km
12 km
25 km

Day2: Zhangjiajie

3 attraction(s) · 45 km
After breakfast, depart to the Ten-Mile Gallery scenic area to see Finger Peak, Three Sisters, Medicine-Picking Elder, and other canyon landscapes, then visit the Jinbianxi Scenic Area where the gurgling streams flow, which is a summer resort. In the afternoon, experience the first glass bridge across the canyon, also a popular check-in spot for visitors to Zhangjiajie.
5 km
40 km

Day3: Zhangjiajie

5 attraction(s) · 30 km
After breakfast, depart for Tianmen Mountain scenic area in the city. Take the Asia's longest cableway for 28 minutes to the mountain top, and walk on the Guigu Plank Road and the Glass Plank Road to overlook the entire Zhangjiajie city. Then visit the Tianmen Cave at the Chuanshan Rong Cave and experience the Tianmen Pathway of the 99 Bends by eco-friendly car before returning to the city to end the trip.
20 km
3 km
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