Looking to the southeast with affection, a song of phoenix seeking its mate. Phoenix Ancient City, a three-day journey

1 cities | 8 attraction(s) | total distance 3 km
In fact, Fenghuang is not much different from other ancient towns, but the stilted houses by the Tuo River make people daydream. The essence of this route is to let you leisurely wander in Fenghuang. You can count the passing boats by the Tuo River, browse online shopping sites on your computer just for a change of environment, cover yourself with a big blanket and sleep until midnight, then go out to enjoy the cool breeze and drink some wine. These leisurely 72 hours will make your mind calm and make you believe that because such scenery exists in the world, life is superior to death. Just as the famous writer Shen Congwen, born in Fenghuang, described in his work "A Travelogue in Hunan", he walks many bridges, observes countless clouds, drinks various wines, and loves those who are in the prime of life.

Day1: Xiangxi

4 attraction(s) · 2 km
Watch the Tuojiang River and its 24 hours. Come out early in the morning to see how ordinary people start their day, and then you can take a nap in the morning.
1 km

Day2: Xiangxi

3 attraction(s) · 2 km
Take a casual stroll around the old house and then waste an afternoon at Huilongge.
1 km

Day3: Xiangxi

1 attraction(s) · 0 km
One-day tour of Xijiang Miao Village.