Must-visit attractions in Taiyuan, Shanxi

Taiyuan, abbreviated as "Bing" in Chinese, was formerly known as Jinyang, also called Bingzhou and Longcheng. It is the capital city of Shanxi Province and the core city of the Taiyuan metropolitan area, designated as an important central city in central China by the State Council.

Shouning Temple

Built during the Yuan Dynasty and rebuilt during the Kangxi reign of the Qing Dynasty. Facing south, there is a pair of tall green stone lions in front of the mountain gate, which are the largest stone lions in the county. The temple covers an area of 2500 square meters and is one of the larger existing temples in the county.

Shrine of the House of Jin

Jin Temple is a temple located in Taiyuan, Shanxi Province, China. It primarily worships Shuyu, the founding vassal of the Jin State in the Zhou Dynasty, and his mother, Yi Jiang. Jin Temple is one of the main tourist attractions in Taiyuan City.

Baoyuan Vinegar House

Qingxu Baoyuan Vinegar Shop is a prominent business that emerged during the prosperous period of Shanxi aged vinegar. Its aged Shanxi vinegar, which was a tribute product during the Ming and Qing dynasties, has written a splendid page in the history of Shanxi vinegar industry. "Numerous vinegar producers in ancient times, numerous vinegar producers in Qingxu, Shanxi." As the birthplace of aged Shanxi vinegar, Qingxu has made tremendous contributions to the development of vinegar industry in China during its over 3,000-year history of vinegar production. Therefore, Qingxu is also known as the "capital of vinegar" in China.
Taiyuan Zoo, located in the north of downtown Taiyuan, is a great place to take children. The park is filled with flowers, plants, and bonsai trees.
Donghu Vinegar Garden is the first company-owned and factory-style museum in Shanxi Province that showcases the traditional and modern production processes of aged vinegar and the historical and cultural connotations of aged vinegar.

Mengshan Giant Buddha

The Mingshan Giant Buddha is the second largest Buddha in the world and the earliest large-scale stone-carved Buddha statue in terms of its age.
China Coal Museum is the only professional museum in China's coal industry and a symbol of upholding science and civilization. It has been granted the status of a "National First-Class Museum" by the National Administration of Cultural Heritage due to its unique functions and status.

Fenhe River Park

The Fenshui River Park in Taiyuan stretches from the upstream of Shengli Bridge to the downstream of Nan Nei Huan Bridge, covering several major areas in Taiyuan, including Yingze, Jiancaoping, and Wanbailin. It is a waterfront park formed after water conservancy treatment and greening beautification in the urban section of Taiyuan along the Fen River, with a total length of over 18 kilometers.
Taiyuan Forest Park is the first open Bird Park in the province, and it is an ideal place for citizens to connect with nature and leisure activities. Taiyuan Forest Park is a rare urban man-made forest park built in recent years in China. There are more than 100,000 trees planted in the park, and visitors can also enjoy the peach blossom trees planted along the riverside road.