High-speed train arrives in 2 hours! A summer resort with an average temperature of 25°C, rated by CNN as the most beautiful fairyland in China!

Do you know? There is a place that is very niche, and it has gradually been known to people in recent years. However, it has received many accolades. It was once listed as a "World Cultural Heritage Site", rated as "the most beautiful place in China" by "China National Geographic", and rated as "the most beautiful fairyland in China" by CNN in the United States. Just in time for summer, as heatwaves start to sweep across the country, if you want to be surrounded by coolness in the scorching summer days, why not come to this small city in Enshi, Hubei, where the average temperature in summer is 25°C, and embark on a trip to Enshi.

Hefeng Pingshan Gorge

The breathtaking enchantment rivals that of Sabah and Kota Kinabalu. Early spring is the most beautiful time for the He Feng Ping Shan Canyon, with its emerald lake and surrounding cliffs, the stunning landscapes are enough to leave anyone in awe. You can take a small boat into this water wonderland, with a leaf-shaped boat and ethereal outfits, it's easy to capture Instagram-worthy floating photos, so beautiful it's breath-taking.

Suma Dang Scenic Area

Known as the "Cooling Capital of the World," it is the most beautiful place in China. It retains the primitive ecology of the Tujia people, with dense forests, gurgling springs, and year-round mist, creating a mysterious and enchanting atmosphere in the azalea corridor. There are also nearly 3,000 acres of flower fields, showcasing various flowers such as lavender, pansies, and black-eyed Susans, resembling the romantic Provence region of France.


It is the largest Japanese larch in southern China. In the golden autumn of Changlinggang, the mountains are covered with red leaves, and the forests are dyed, making it a magical place as beautiful as Kanas. As you continue to walk deeper, the fallen red leaves along the way make a buzzing sound under your feet. The blue sky, white clouds, and red leaves form a skirt that dances in the wind, turning you into a fairy.

Qi Yue Mountain

Known as the "Alps of the East", Mount Qiyue in winter is no less stunning than the Alps in Europe. Here, you can enjoy the sight of white windmills on the mountaintop, pure white snow on the peaks, and horses wandering through the mountains, all of which will captivate you and make you reluctant to leave.


Known as the "Danube River of the East". Qingjiang River is the mother river of the Tujia ethnic group. Its water is green like jade and clear to the bottom. It is often shrouded in mist and adds a touch of ink charm. You can take a boat to enjoy the scenery along the river, with towering mountains on both sides, islands scattered like chessboards, and ethereal waterfalls, making it incredibly beautiful.

Dongjiahe Village

Called the Jiuzhaigou of Western Hubei. Dongjiahe runs through the village, flowing through various landforms. On both sides, there are weeping willows, canyons, karst caves, rural cottages, and suspended wooden houses. The scenery is charming, and the charm is intoxicating.

Rainbow waterfall

It is a unique karst landform. Rainbow Waterfall is one of the waterfalls in the Yulong Rift, surrounded by flowing water, cascading waterfalls, and undulating mountains, adding much vitality to the scenic area. It is the first waterfall to be illuminated by the sunlight. Whenever the sun shines on the waterfall, a rainbow appears, making it stunning and beautiful.
It is the first city of Tujia in China. If you want to have a deep understanding of the history of the Tujia ethnic group, come here. The hanging foot building, ethnic architecture, cable bridge, and the wall that resembles the Great Wall but is not the Great Wall in the city reflect the ancient and simple folk customs of the Tujia people. Not far away is the Tujia Daughter's City, where you can not only taste the most authentic cuisine in Enshi, but also see Tujia customs such as throwing wine cups and waving dance, and experience Tujia traditional culture such as Tujia Daughter's Club and crying marriage.
Named one of the top ten virgin travel destinations in China, this is a pristine village that is still inaccessible by road, requiring more than 1800 steps to reach this secluded paradise. Surrounded by green mountains, steep cliffs, rarely visited by people, and with flowing waterfalls, the entire route offers beautiful untouched natural scenery, making it an excellent hiking destination.


It has the most well-preserved and renowned hanging house cluster. Pengjiazhai is an undeveloped scenic spot with a very faint commercial atmosphere. The locals are very simple and the scenery is beautiful with few people. It has primitive hanging houses, with the Longtan River passing through the village and houses emitting thin smoke, giving off a strong atmosphere of life, making it very suitable for a slow lifestyle.

Shiziguan Village - Water-side Plank Road

It is a green belt on the emerald lakes. This popular tourist attraction on certain sound is very beautiful. When you come to Enshi, you must go there and take a picture, to experience the "dream on the corridor". It is 500 meters long, floating on the green mountains and rivers. From a distance, it looks like a belt. Walking on the plank road allows you to get close to nature, and every place is refreshing.
It is the world's tallest suspension bridge. It is the tallest bridge in Enshi and is located in the rugged mountains, spanning over the Four Ducts River Grand Canyon. On the bridge, you can only see endless mountains and gorges, and it is extremely spectacular.

Enshi Hanging Highway

The most beautiful and dangerous road in China. This hanging road runs through high mountains and was excavated by villagers by hand. It is at an altitude of over 1600 meters and has a vertical drop of over 800 meters. The scenery along the way is charming, and you can only feel its unique charm by experiencing it firsthand.

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