What is the most reasonable way to drive from Kangding to Hongshi Park?

Kangding, a historically renowned cultural city in the world; a running horse mountain, known throughout the five continents; a song "Kangding Love Song", a timeless masterpiece, intoxicated people all over the world.


Kangding City is located in the eastern part of the Garze Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Sichuan Province. It is the capital of the Garze Prefecture. Kangding has a long and splendid history and culture. It is the key town on the Sichuan-Tibet Highway, the hub of the Ancient Tea Horse Road, and the center where Tibetan and Han cultures converge. Since ancient times, it has been the political, economic, cultural, trade, information center and transportation hub of the Kangba Tibetan region. The city covers an area of 11,600 square kilometers and is home to multiple ethnic groups, with Tibetans being the main group and Han, Hui, Yi, and Qiang among others also residing in the city.


Changhai Lake, also known as Cundong Lake, is the largest alpine lake in Muli County. It is located at the top of Kangwu Mountain with an elevation of 3404 meters, 35 kilometers away from the county town. It is highly praised by many netizens as a paradise for photographers.

Yajia Geng

Mount Kangding is a part of the Gongga Mountain National Scenic Area and also marks the boundary between Kangding and Luding counties. Tourists can explore Gongga Mountain's east slope including Hailuogou, Yanzigou, Nanmengguan, Yajiang Ancient Tea-Horse Road, as well as the west slope including Yulin Palace Xiangbala Cultural Park, Tagong Temple, Tagong Grassland, Zheduo Mountain, Paoma Mountain, the lively town of Kangding, Muge Lake, and the beautiful scenery of Dadu River, Luding Bridge, Red Army's capture of Luding Bridge Memorial Park, and Erlang Mountain, experiencing the rich Tibetan style.

Hailuogou Glacier Forest Park - Yajiageng Red Stone Beach

Yajiageng is located within the range of Gongga Mountain and Hailuogou Scenic Area. It is situated between Kangding Laoyulin and Hailuogou Moxi Town, on the northern slope of Gongga Mountain's east side. Yajiageng is the upper reach of Yajiageng River and is another shining pearl at the foot of Gongga Mountain.

Kangding Yaji Qinghai

Ya Jia Qing Hai is one of the main attractions in the Da Ha Luogou scenic area (including Ha Luogou, Yan Zi Gou, Mo Zi Gou, Nan Men Guan Gou, Ya Jia Geng, and Mo Xi Tai Di). Ya Jia Qing Hai is located at an altitude of 3400-3600 meters, 37 kilometers away from Mo Xi Town and over 20 kilometers away from Kangding New City. It is a legendary "Lake of Love" surrounded by snow-capped mountains and azaleas, and has been a famous romantic destination along with Kangding's Paoma Mountain since ancient times.

Kangding Zheduotang Wild Hot Springs

At an altitude of over 3000 meters in the mountains, there are majestic snow-capped mountains in the distance, and the scenery is breathtaking. Typically, when staying in the local accommodation, the owners will take you to experience this "wild hot spring" for free.