The taste of Teochew cuisine hidden in Shenzhen, a memory in the heart of local people

Struggling in Shenzhen, still nostalgic for hometown delicacies. Though Shenzhen has various delicious dishes from all over the place, if you are a Chaoshan native, you can still enjoy local cuisine.

Chaozhou porridge with deep flavor

Shrimp and rice porridge, warm details of removing shrimp's line, the porridge is of watery type, served with fermented soybean paste and pickled vegetables, fresh and delicious, leaves a lingering taste in every bite.

Chao Wei Yi Pin Shantou Beef Hot Pot

An authentic Chaoshan hot pot restaurant in Shenzhen, where you can always see many people from Chaoshan booking tables and hear the familiar Chaoshan dialect, creating a sense of close community.

Chao Ming Xing Steamed Rice Noodle King

The rice rolls in the store are all made and sold on-site. The first choice is the pork and offal rice rolls, with plenty of ingredients. The rice rolls are very thin, smooth and tasty, and the soup is just the right amount of saltiness, making the pork very flavorful.

Shantou Baheli Haiji Beef Restaurant

In the past, in the show "Chef Nic," Nicholas Tse specifically visited a popular beef restaurant in Shenzhen, specializing in Chaoshan-style beef. Both their hotpot and grilled beef were highly popular.

Jieyang Lao'er Guotiao Soup

A Chaoshan old store that has been open in Shenzhen for 18 years, where you can taste local Chaoshan snacks. A bowl of authentic rice noodle soup can ease the homesickness of many travelers.

Roasted Goose Meat, day after day

No goose can leave Guangdong alive. Have you all tried this authentic Chaoshan flavor? We have been specializing in goose for over a decade, bringing out the deliciousness of braised goose meat to the extreme.

Tianjin-style Chaoshan Licorice Fruit

Chaoshan cuisine is not just about meats, but also refreshing and sweet fruits are highly popular. Licorice fruit is sweeping the streets and alleys of Chaoshan, a unique and well-known delicacy among the locals.