Nine new snacks in Shenzhen

New snacks, guaranteed to satisfy you, must-try delicious food in the deep alley.

Four sister-in-law holding Luo Fen shop and Zao Bai vinegar

If Cantonese children's breakfast is "cheong fun" (rice noodle rolls), then Hainanese children probably have a bowl of "zhu za bao lu fen" (pig offal and rice noodles), and "bao lu" is also a place name in Hainan. There are options of "yan fen" (fermented rice noodles) and "tang fen" (soup noodles), I recommend choosing "tang fen", as the soup base is sour and spicy, somewhat similar to a milder version of "luo si fen" (snail noodles) in terms of flavor.

Nanchong Fang Guo Kui

Liángfěn is made fresh every morning and can sell 8-10 pots a day when business is good. It is scraped into strips with a special tool and then mixed with Sichuan chili pepper, it has that hometown flavor.

EiEi Traditional Snacks and Drinks Shop

Every shrimp cake in the store is freshly made to order. The shop owner personally prepares the batter every day. After customers place their orders, the shrimp are carefully coated with the batter and then fried in a pot. After frying, a layer of secret sauce is applied.

Shu territory

The egg cakes are baked using small pancake pans, and the boss Liang Liang said that they were all brought from his hometown in Chengdu. There are 9 flavors available here, including peanut sesame, creamy pork floss, sour and spicy shredded potatoes, minced meat with green beans, green pepper with ham...and they are divided into savory and sweet flavors.

Artisan Ren's tea eggs

There are 5 fillings to choose from for the tofu burger, both vegetarian and meat options are available. Each tofu burger also comes with a small piece of the signature tea egg from the restaurant.

Mianjiao Ramen Factory

The key to delicious Hangzhou mixed noodles is to blanch the noodles separately, stir-fry the toppings separately, and then stir-fry the noodles until they are crispy and fragrant before serving. In addition to the main ingredients, various condiments such as scallions, sauces, and pork fat residue favored by Jiangsu and Zhejiang locals are added during the stir-frying process. The hot toppings poured into the noodles is the key to a delicious bowl of mixed noodles.

Yingji Beef Shop

The abacus at the store is made of cassava flour, and it is stir-fried with dried shrimp and diced shiitake mushrooms. It has a fragrant and sticky texture, similar to rice cakes. It costs 25 yuan per serving. This store is called Ying Ji Beef Restaurant, specializing in Hakka beef hot pot and Hakka snacks. The snacks are even more famous than the hot pot. Many people come specifically to eat the snacks at his store.

Shanwei snacks

Copper plate push is a kind of snack in Shanwei. It is made by "frying" rice rolls on a large copper plate. However, this shop uses an electric cooker, which makes the process faster. There are less than 3 shops in Shenzhen that make copper plate push.

Yanbian Korean cuisine

The beaten cake is cut into fist-sized pieces, soft and chewy. Paired with soybean powder, it has a slight texture and a chewy and sticky taste, harder than sticky rice cakes. The shop only provides 35 portions of beaten cake each day, so you better go early if you want to eat it.