Zhangye lives in a gathering place for foodies

In addition to the distinctive Ganzhou Specialty Flavor Food Square, Zhangye also has other places to find food. Although these places cannot be considered as Zhangye's real food street, fortunately, there are concentrated restaurants. Foodies may wish to visit them one by one to experience the distinctive food of Zhangye.

Zhangye Huachen International Hotel

Zhangye Huachen International Hotel is located on East Avenue, northwest side of Panxuan Road; convenient for visiting tourist attractions such as Minqin Guild Hall and Zhangye Bell and Drum Tower. Successfully hosted major conferences and events such as the "Oasis Forum".

Zhangye Shanghui Hotel

Zhangye Shanghui Hotel is located in Wenhui Lane, Ganzhou District, Zhangye. It is close to the East Ring Road and is situated in the bustling city center. It has convenient access to surrounding dining, shopping, transportation, and entertainment facilities.

Zhangye Time Hostel

Clean and hygienic rooms with basic facilities and comfortable accommodation at Zhangye Shiguang Xiaozhan Youth Hostel.

Zhangye Tianyu International Hotel

Zhangye Tianyu International Hotel is located on South Avenue, a bustling area in the center of Zhangye city. It is situated next to the "Big Buddha Temple" and is opposite the "Shanxi Building". It is also adjacent to the Ganzhou Special Food Square and a large shopping commercial street.

Zhangye Power Tower

The meeting point for a one-day tour in Zhangye is close to bustling areas like the Giant Buddha Temple.

Zhangye Yudu Fashion Hotel

Yudu Fashion Hotel is located on Dongda Street, Ganzhou District, Zhangye City, with a superior geographical location and convenient transportation. It is only 3 kilometers away from the Zhangye Exit of the Lianhuo Expressway.

Zhangye Xingyuan Youth Hostel

Zhangye Xingyuan Youth Hostel is located at No. 212, Labor Street, Zhangye city center. It is about an 8-minute walk from the Bell and Drum Tower and the West Xia Big Buddha Temple.