Dream Beach, The sand on the beach is pure white

The pounding of the waves is particularly majestic.
The beach scenery is beautiful.
Bali has many great beaches.


Dream Beach is located on Blue Dream Island. It is a beautiful and secluded beach surrounded by cliffs, with a stunning view, but there are very few people. If you are staying on Blue Dream Island, renting a hotel motorcycle is the fastest way to get there. Although the sand is soft and beautiful, the sea breeze is strong and the waves are rough, not suitable for boating and swimming, but it is a good place for young people to sunbathe and surf. In addition, enjoying afternoon tea and admiring the sea view on the clubhouse's observation deck is also a nice way to relax. Dream Beach has simple facilities, but the local food and beautiful scenery are not inferior.
Rent a motorbike, around 70,000 Indonesian rupiah per day.