Good places to go surfing in Bali

Surfing is one of the must-have experiences when visiting Bali. The beaches here are wide and flat, with no hidden coral reefs. In order to promote the development of tourism, the local government has implemented various safety measures to ensure that tourists can enjoy surfing to the fullest while staying safe.

Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach is an excellent place to enjoy sunbathing and watch the sunset. In addition to leisure, you can also choose various traditional Bali handmade products in local shops. Moreover, the area offers many large hotels, bars, and clubs for tourists. In the crescent-shaped Kuta Bay, the waters at both ends are perfect for swimming and beginner surfing. During the day, you can play in the water, sunbathe, or even just sit on the sandy beach to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Before learning to surf, you need to have some water skills because for beginners, a little carelessness can lead to being swept away by the waves or even hit the ground and scratched by rocks or shells. But if you don't mind these minor setbacks, go ahead and try it out.

Double Six Beach

Sunset Beach is a wide beach and a great place to watch the sunset. The beach is dotted with colorful sofas and umbrellas. In addition, there are many paid surfing and other water sports activities available for tourists to experience. There are also many surrounding shops for convenient dining and shopping.

Echo Beach

Echo Beach is located on the picturesque island of Bali, known as a paradise for surf enthusiasts. Because the waves here are not very big, it is very suitable for novice surfers to try. In the evening, tourists can take a stroll on the beach and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Legian Beach

Located on the beach of Legian in Bali, tourists can not only ride motorcycles on the vast beach, but also enjoy the fun of surfing in the ocean. In addition, this is a place where food and scenery coexist. People can taste delicious food while enjoying the sunset in the evening.

Padang Padang Beach in Badung

Located at the foot of Mount Ulawatu, Badung Beach is one of the few beaches in Bali suitable for swimming. This small beach has not been fully developed, so commercialization has a relatively small impact, but it is deeply loved by European and American independent travelers. Although the length of Badung Beach is only a hundred meters, this place, far away from the hustle and bustle, with clear waters and white sandy beaches, is like a hidden paradise island because of its charming scenery. This beach is also one of the well-known surfing spots in Bali. In addition, this place has received much attention due to its filming in the Hollywood movie "Eat Pray Love".

Uluwatu beach

Uluwatu Beach is located below the cliffs near Uluwatu Temple, and is known for its high waves, making it one of the best surfing spots on the island of Bali.