What to do on the weekend? Sightseeing spots for autumn foliage near Shenyang

As the Maple Leaf Capital of China, Benxi has its unique seasonal landscape of autumn maple leaves. There are many places in Benxi where you can enjoy the maple leaves, and the most famous ones are Guanmenshan, Laogou Gou, and Dashihu. They are all good places for autumn sightseeing with mountains and water. Every year, Benxi holds a Maple Leaf Festival, which is much larger in scale compared to Beijing's Fragrant Hills. In recent years, Liaoning has developed many good places to enjoy maple trees, such as the Wujiao Maple Forest in Tundan Tala Forest Farm in Tonghua and the ancient maple forest in Shengji Mountain, Faku.

Longdao Gou

The reservoir outside the Longdao Gou hiking trail also has beautiful maple leaves, and there is no need to climb up the mountain to see them. The scenery is even more gorgeous with the backdrop of the mountains and water. Sun Valley is a newly developed area this year, located on a hillside near the entrance of Longdao Gou. There is currently no dedicated parking lot, but you can park your car halfway up the mountain in an open space.

Dashi Lake + Laobian Gou

Dashi Lake is adjacent to Lao Bian Gou Scenic Area, with beautiful scenery, especially when they blend together. Compared with Dashi Lake, Lao Bian Gou is more primitive due to its later development. There are hiking trails connecting the two places, which takes a whole day to visit both attractions. It is a good place to enjoy flowers in spring and to see red leaves, go mountain hiking, and play in the water in autumn.
Guanggan Mountain is one of the most famous scenic spots in Benxi. It was rated as a national 4A-level tourist attraction in 2001 and is one of the 50 famous tourist attractions in Liaoning Province. It is connected to the Guanggan Mountain Scenic Area, and the feast with abundant fish and meat in the reservoir is also a local delicacy. Guanggan Mountain has numerous ancient trees, lush vegetation, and beautiful scenery. The total area of the park is 3,517 hectares, with a forest coverage rate of up to 95%. Guanggan Mountain attracts many tourists throughout the year to enjoy the red leaves, so it is not recommended to travel on weekends.

Yemao Tai Holy Site Mountain Ancient Maple Forest

The ancient maple forest of Shengji Mountain, located 3.5 kilometers west of Yemaotai Town in Faku County, is a national-level cultural relic protection unit and the protection area of the Liao Dynasty Tomb Group, with a total area of over 200 mu and over 1,000 trees, mainly consisting of Acer triflorum. It was named Shengji Mountain because Liao Jingzong often came here to worship in honor of the achievements of Emperor Taizu. The tombs of the Xiao family, the prime ministers of the Liao Dynasty, are also located here, with the intention of blessing prosperity for future generations. It is still the burial ground of the Hou family in Xitou Taizi Village. The Hou family has always cherished and planted this maple forest, which has become the largest and oldest maple forest in Liaoning Province, with the oldest tree in the garden being over a thousand years old.

Wujiaofeng Ecological Scenic Area

The Wudantala Wujiaofeng Park is located 55 kilometers southeast of Ganqika Town, Kezuohou Banner, with a total area of ​​105,000 mu. It has a forest area of ​​93,000 mu, mainly distributed with Wujiaofeng trees, with an age of 50 to 500 years. Wujiaofeng is a precious tree species, named after its unique five-lobed maple leaves, which are quite different from the tall maple trees in Liaoning. The park is free to enter, with winding maple trees along the mountain road, scattered on both sides of the road.