Northeast China's 16 destinations, condense the most beautiful autumn scenery of the northern country, perfect for a trip during the National Day!

In Northeast China, there is the earliest red forest, the golden avenue paved with ginkgo trees, and a border town as beautiful as an oil painting... This autumn, if you are away from Western China, Yunnan, and other places, why not go and see how beautiful the scenery of autumn in the northern countryside of Northeast China truly is!

Benxi, Liaoning

Benxi, known as the "Maple Leaf Capital" of China, has an earlier autumn foliage than other places. Among them, Guanmen Mountain is one of the best places to appreciate maple leaves in Benxi, and it is praised as "Little Jiangnan". Next, you can also visit Yanghu Gou, known as the village of painters, where the mountains are clear and the water is beautiful, and it is also the earliest place for red leaves. Of course, it's worth visiting the famous Laobian Gou, a beautiful, fertile, ancient, fashionable, magical, and colorful paradise.

Jilin Jiaohe Red Leaf Valley

Hongye Valley in Jiaohe is a mountain valley of the Old Ye Mountain, a subsidiary branch of Changbai Mountain, stretching over 100 kilometers with unique charm in its red leaf forest and birch forest. The best time to appreciate the red leaves in Hongye Valley is in the middle of October each year, lasting for more than 10 days, with a sky full of red leaves, colorful and beautiful. There are many attractions in the valley, such as Hongye Creek, Nanhu Waterfall, Ailin Forest Farm, and Linwa Gully.

Liaoning Kuandian · Tianqiaogou

Kuandian has beautiful scenery and is known as the "Shangri-La on the Yalu River." Tianqiao Valley here is the most vibrant place for maple leaves in China and is also one of the world's six pollution-free areas. May and October are the best seasons for photography and tourism. Xiaoyue Peak is a must-visit place in autumn, with dense and vibrant red leaves, making it one of the best places in the north to see autumn foliage.

Liaoning Huanren · Fengling Valley

Fenglin Valley is one of the few peaks over a thousand meters in Liaoning and is a great choice for viewing red leaves. The maple leaves here are widely distributed, colorful, diverse in varieties, and last for a long time. Standing at the summit of Hong Feng, one can see the mountains covered in red, which is quite beautiful.

Fushun, Liaoning, Qingyuan County

Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County is a county inhabited by ethnic minorities. It has beautiful scenery and abundant tourism resources. Here is Kuangzigou, which is like a primitive and tranquil paradise, with a gentle flowing stream on one side and colorful forests on the other.

Heilongjiang Daxing'anling

The Daxing'anling Primitive Forest is dense, with main tree species such as Daxing'an larch, Korean pine, red fir, birch, and Mongolian oak. It is one of China's important forestry bases. In autumn, the Daxing'anling is filled with yellow leaves, green trees, and a red forest, creating a colorful forest that spans thousands of kilometers and captivates people.

Liaoning Kuandian Qingshangou

Qingshan Valley is composed of scenic areas such as Qingshan Lake, Feipu Ravine, Hutang Ravine, and Xianren Valley. It has been recognized by the United Nations as one of the clearest places on earth. Here, you can find the largest waterfall in Liaoning, the Qingshan Feipu, where the stream rushes down from a 32-meter-high gorge fault. You can also take a boat to appreciate the scenery on both sides of Qingshan Lake. The beautiful Huangyi Mountain in autumn is truly breathtaking, with red maple trees on both sides under the blue sky, creating a stunning scenery.

Heilongjiang Yichun

The main theme of visiting Yichun is the national parks with a focus on forests. Wuying National Forest Park is mainly based on Korean pine, Tangwang River National Forest Park is mainly composed of granite stone forest, Maolangou National Forest Park is mainly focused on streams, while Shangganling is a forest viewing garden.

Liaoning Panjin Red Beach

Honghaitan is a comprehensive wetland ecological tourist attraction. Its red color is formed by large areas of alkali saltgrass wetland. The best time to visit Honghaitan is in October when the alkali saltgrass grows most vigorously. Walking on the Jiulou Corridor Bridge, you can have a panoramic view of Honghaitan.

Jilin · Fifteen Gullies

There are ancient trees towering, waterfalls rushing, and bizarre rocks in Shiwudao Gou. It has colorful forests, cascading waterfalls, emerald seas, and glaciers that rival Jiuzhaigou. In autumn, it is even more beautiful like a fairyland. With a total length of 38 kilometers, every part of it is a wonder! Lakes and mountains, towering canyons, and a unique volcanic remnant, spectacular!

Heilongjiang Mirror Lake

Jingpo Lake was formed by volcanic eruptions millions of years ago. It is the largest high-mountain barrier lake in China and the second largest in the world. There are many natural attractions along the lake, including the "Eight Scenic Spots", and the Hanging Water Tower Waterfall is the most famous landmark of Jingpo Lake. Here, you can also enjoy diving performances by China's top cliff diver, Di Huanran.

Heilongjiang, Wudalianchi

Wudalianchi is the hometown of Chinese mineral water, with fourteen volcanoes forming unique volcanic landscapes. In autumn, Wudalianchi is more beautiful and colorful than other seasons. Especially on Mount Laoheshan, the distinct layers of white birch forests in various colors such as purple-red, pink, orange-red, pale yellow, and grass green are dazzling.

Liaoning · Dandong

Dandong is located by the Yellow Sea and the Yalu River, known as the "Northeast Suzhou and Hangzhou". Ginkgo is the city tree of Dandong, with ginkgo trees lining the streets throughout the city. In late October, they become particularly beautiful. There are only six streets in Asia with hundred-year-old ginkgo trees planted, and Dandong has three of them, located along Qijing Street, Liwei Road, and Jiwei Road.

Liaoning Dalian Sun Valley

The saying goes: Lushunkou holds half of modern history. There are numerous buildings here that witnessed the changing times, such as the Prince Su Mansion, Dahe Hotel, China-Russia Friendship Tower, and Victory Tower. Local authorities have used them as a foundation to create a Japanese-Russian style street.

Heilongjiang, Suifenhe

SuiFenHe is a beautiful border mountain city, known as the "golden gateway" connecting Northeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. When you come to SuiFenHe, you can experience the rich Russian style. The combination of strong autumn colors and unique architecture makes you feel like you are in a foreign country.

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